Booking jobs when busy

Whenever you get into a busy period, how do you give priority to pending quotes?

Example: Right now I’m getting real busy and a lot of people want to know what dates I have available. I give them a few dates and they say they’ll get back to me but then I get several more calls (some real good money possibilities/ some so-so) and they also want to know what dates I have available.

Some want me to kinda pencil them in for a day but when I’m busy doing quotes I want to fill the week with actual jobs, not just a bunch of maybes.

Do you guys ever hold dates or do you just book as the confirmations come in and not worry if it conflicts with another persons ‘wish (but unconfirmed) list’?

Maybes don’t make it on the schedule. When they go from a maybe to a comfirmation then they get put on the schedule (whatever is left).

What I have been doing the past couple of years when the season hits is to keep the larger multi level homes scheduled as far back as possible hahah couse if I book them, I sometimes loose the smaller jobs that want service done yesterday, I like the small stuff in residential

I book on a first come first served basis. My regular customers know this and book ahead for the spring and fall (usually at the time of service). I let people know my schedule fills up quickly this time of year so let me know as soon as they can to get on the schedule. When they ask if they can get on sooner I tell them if they can be flexible and I have a cancellation I could possibly fit them in sooner.

I just had a person get a quote and try the “hold that day until I call my husband”. I made a note of it (not in my schedule) and kept it until the end of the day. She still has not called back- it effected nothing but my wallet :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree with the rest.

Confirmed bookings take priority.

“Sure, no problem, check with your husband, and let us know when you’re ready to select a specific service date. Unfortunately, we’re just swamped this time of year, so we have to give priority to clients that are ready to book. When you’re ready to move forward, give us a shout, and we’ll give you first pick of the best service dates left…”

Or something like that. Make them feel like their missing out, because they ARE. Gotta believe it before you say it. Gotta also keep their respect for your time intact.

The other problem that happens with callbacks is that they have time to talk themselves out of it.

I should have pushed her to commit, I hate losing money… any money

First come - first served. Repeat clients get priority.

This time of year is crazy busy for us. When new clients are unsure about scheduling a specific date. I tell them that this time of year is very busy for us and I am scheduling all three crews about 2 weeks out, so to allow at least two weeks from the date they call me back. I very rarely will hold a date for someone.