Does anyone know where I can purchase some booties?

There is only one option in my opinion. These things are the best thing since sliced bread. I heard about them on WORLD and have found that these booties will last about 1 year+.

I love the grip for climbing inside ladders. The ability to choose the color to match your uniforms. The sound they make as you put them on when you walk in grabs the customer’s attention and probably gets the most praise of almost anything we do from our customers. I think I should become a salesman for the company now that I see what a soapbox I just ascended to on such a nominal subject…

Is this a booty call? Sorry couldn’t resist. I got a few pair at home depot in the cleaning section.

Those are cool Kurt! I’d love to see WCR carry these! for blue polypropylene /throw away shoe booties.
300 xl covers for $30.24.

Alberto E.:slight_smile:

I just ordered 2 pairs of these on Friday. Glad to see that you use them and have had good experiences with them. I’m really looking forward to having some non-disposable covers that don’t slip and slide all over.

[FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=4]I went to my local Sherwin Williams store and asked them to carry the disposable type. They ordered them in for me and now stock them permanently because so many others started buying them.

I like the idea of the non disposable though, I my give those a try. When I first started I just carried a pair of [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=4]men’s moccasin slippers with me for inside use. That worked well too.[/SIZE][/FONT]

I’ll put it on my winter to do list.
Thanks Tony

No, thank you Alex!:wink:

Thanks fellas

Do they breathe Curt? The disposable ones have a tendency to make my feet sweat in summer.

Well. I’m not sure how to answer that because I have never noticed. It get’s really hot here in Arizona (118 F is our hotter part of the summer) but when we go into an AC home I don’t really notice one way or the other. I would guess they don’t since you can put the muddiest of WFP feet in there and nothing gets through. Just shake out the booties when they dry and you’re good to go.

The nice thing about the booties that 5 star showed is that they have a grippy soul to them. Disposable ones have always sucked when it comes to that, sometimes they try to put something on the bottom but even that isn’t too good. If your using a ladder with booties on I would try to get something with the most grip or take them off completely.

We suffer the same heat as you - but I do sweat in them, probably because I use the boat shoes with no socks, just charcoal liners. I might have to give them a go!

A grippy “soul” Oh, I don’t know about that, they are good, but still inanimate.

Boat shoes with no socks sounds really sweaty to me. I can’t get by without socks, so that’s probably why I never noticed. I must warn you that when they are new the elastic in the ankle is quite strong and will hurt your Achilles tendon if you don’t pull it down to be supported by the heel cup of your shoe. I don’t know if boat shoes will offer that support??


Interesting how different areas of the world look at things differently, I know for a fact from what customers say as I put the booties on that it ranges from: “Wow! How considerate!” (Which probably helps with keeping the customer) to “Yeah, the last guy felt like he could just walk around on our carpet with his shoes… that’s why you’re here” (Which secures a new customer for me).

In the end, I am really shooting to send a “WOW” effect down the customer’s spine and if a pair of booties gets the job done… booties it is.

Thanks for the heads up on the elastic. I will go through the disposables for now, then grab the durables at a later time.
For some reason, I love the boat shoes on ladders & the charcoal inners really take care of any sweat problem, I can’t handle socks in this heat.

It sounds interesting. Any idea where I could get a pair of these charcoal liners? It sounds like I really need to see what I’m missing.