Boys of October

Man, I love playoff baseball. No teams from the northeast. I believe the highest payroll left is around number 11. And my Rangers are up 3-0 against the Tigers with Verlander pitching.

Go Rangers!!!

Hope things work out for you, Sam, after last year’s bitter disappointment.

Go Gigantes!



Last year was anything but a bitter disappointment. Sure we lost in the World Series. But the Giants pitching was unbelievable and they deserved the title.

The Rangers reached their first ws in club history. In doing so, they got to knock out the team filled with ex-Rangers, the NYY. The dislike for the Yankees runs deep here in Texas. And causing their exit in the ALCS was good enough.

Now, this year, anything but the title will be a disappointment. So bring on game 2.

But I think your post was less about baseball and more about Larry trying to stir the pot a little. Just a little feeling I have. :wink:

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I’m a long-suffering Rangers fan as well. I always followed them even when they were consistently finishing in last place. Good to see them turn it around

A loss to the Rangers rather than the Tigers would have been less heartbreaking to me. I mean for real, the dang TIGERS beat the YANKEES? WTF?