Brand spanking new Mc Mansion window scratches!

So… I’m getting referred by neighbor after neighbor in this new development, but feeling weird about pointing out scratches (many times between the panes… otherwise irremovable etches, cheap fabrication and installation. I always point them out, as the dust and dirt from more homes being built hides them until I expose them via clean glass. Some have paint over-spray, others don’t. I don’t big-razor these. I spot razor with my 1.5".

These windows are cheap and handled like luggage going on a 747 before I touch them.

I’ve never been accused of scratching, aside from experimenting on extra glass from a window shop. I basically threw a cinderblock at a 12"x12" piece of tempered glass to put a pit-mark in it. It broke instead… just a test.

I may use the cinderblock technique to test glass quality in this area, just to prove how crazy tempered glass is.

Blows me away that cheap building materials are going into new 4 bedroom homes that are the same are selling for $2m+!

I get done, and I tell them about everything (and through the process). I don’t razor tempered glass, and if they can’t see through it because it’s painted, I ask for the painter’s number before I tell them to call them. I only call to back-charge (with pictures).

Wouldn’t most life problems be solved more easily if people had some heart, and less greed? Financial freedom is good, but life feels better when you work for it.

Yeah, when you approach the homeowner and present your scratch waiver, just say “I’ve been doing a lot of homes in this division and I’ve seen a lot of scratches…” it’ll make you look like the go to expert.

So when you threw a cinder block at the glass, was the glass in a frame, did you not expect it to break?
If the glass isn’t in a frame then its just going to crumble, even throwing a cinder block at tempered glass its more than likely going to break.
I would not be using any type of razor on tempered glass its not about the size of the blade its the motion of the blade unless your only moving the blade a bare millimeter then its very likely you will cause a scratch if FD are present.

I’ve picked off overspray on tinted glass with my 1.5" razor for a restaurant. I’d never use my 6" on film. I use the same technique for tempered glass. I can usually see the FD.

The cinderblock thing was just a ridiculous exaggeration.

There are certain times where I claim to "hate to be the bearer of bad news…"
But when it comes to scratches, I’m all over it!

Hating to be the bearer of bad news, in advance = absolution.

The amount of scratched glass I come across daily is absurd - I don’t bother pointing it out unless working on a new build. You pretty much just end up pointing it out, and they look at you as a suspect. I stopped doing that real quick, unless it’s obvious another rookie WC hit all the glass that is littered with FD with a blade. I must say, I do come across that almost almost daily as well. I just shake my head, because it’s on every single pane (rookie wc’er either doesn’t know, or doesn’t care about fd).

I don’t care to make it my problem.

The bigger problem on here on the new builds are shit IG units with blown seals on low-e units… rainbow designs everywhere. I do however always point these out, so my customers can hit them with a warranty claim.

^it ain’t just rookies. It’s astonishing how many veterans are completely ignorant of fabrication debris.

Just solidifies my belief that 95% of my colleagues are either bucket bobs or glorified bucket bobs.

The remaining 5% are most likely either active or lurking regularly here
on wcr.

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