Brandon Eason

WCR family.

A non window cleaning post for ya.

A friend of mine starting dating Brandon Eason. Brandon Eason in his free time does MMA and likes to drink plenty.

After a good day of drinking he likes to kick down doors, intimidate woman, puff his chest and given the opportunity smack em around.

I have a 7 part plan to keep my friend safe from Brandon Eason and this is step two. Once out of jail for last night go-round if he stays away from her I will pull this post and cease with my other 6 parts.

Brandon Eason is not the kind of guy we would want our daughters or friends to be dating.

In my world abusing woman is not far being harming children.

Anyone who beats a woman is scum, in my book. Brandon Eason is scum.

John K Wyatt
All Washed Up Window Cleaning

Brandon Eason sounds like a real POS

Lol. What are steps 5-7?

You don’t want to find out! :smiley:

So this Brandon Eason thinks it’s fun to hit women, huh?
Hopefully ‘step one’ was you returning the favor.

  • The hard questions is, will SHE agree to stay away from HIM, and more importantly… follow through with it?
    From what I hear, domestic violence is an ugly, dark place that many women are unwilling/unable/afraid to escape from.

He is now out of jail. The female I have staying at a friends house, in her left hand is a 1 million volt stun gun, her right a revolver.

He and talked yesterday and he knows I have spoken with his employer about the quality of his character and if he does not stay out of her life I will do a EDDM mailing to the street he lives on and plaster his work place with postcards, email all the high ups at his work etc.

Will she stay away from him, I believe so. Will he leave her alone, we’ll see the next time he drinks.