Breakfast of Champions!

Thanks Alex! It was delicious. And sorry The Salesman for using your bathroom.

just some tabasco sauce and that would be the lick

Any time Seth. Your a great houseguest.

No worries Seth! You were a great house guest! Believe me when I say my bathroom has seen worse!!! :eek:


Only twice! Hence the padlock I now keep on the lid of the tank!

Your avatar looks like Sean Penn, only the female version :confused:

The one and only Jeff Spicoli!!

Well, I had to look it up - never seen the film, we may have it in Spain in a few years :frowning:

I had a feeling that may be the case. It is seriously one of my top favorite movies of all time! A real classic over here. One of those movies I can just pop in at anytime, watch all the way through and always laugh just as hard. Worth a look in my mind!

“Aloha Mr. Hand.”

Haha. So many great scenes and lines in that movie.

“Wait a minute, there’s no birthday party for me here!”

Rent it if you can, Karl. Sean will reimburse you if you don’t like it.

I have no problem with a reimbursement if you don’t like it Karl!

And one of the best parts about that quote Seth is simply the image of Spicoli…

…the bagel in the pants always kills me!!

That’s knarly Sean! My dad has an awesome set of tools - I can fix it!:smiley:


“Make up your mind dude, is he gonna $**t or is he gonna kill us?”

Oh man I could go on and on quoting that movie. I’m now contemplating watching it when I get home later. Love it!

“hows got the buku dolores today”