Breaking away from CEo

As some of you know I have had some major issues with Service CEO. We had a staff meeting yesterday and this was a main topic. The following are some of our main frustrations with the product:

[LEFT][I]3. CEO - Chris’ main frustration[/I][/LEFT]
[LEFT][I] a. Report Accuracy - Requires too much manipulation to get a report to reflect what we need.[/I][/LEFT]
[LEFT][I] b. Can’t get a phone list or export an email list without including “no contact” customers. Only Mailing lists are available which is very inconvenient when trying to contact customers internally.[/I][/LEFT]
[LEFT][I] c. Payroll - Requires creating false jobs or records to reflect the proper pay for a guy. Example - Tech flat rate for the day is $117 we don;t want to pay them per job. CEO applies that flat rate to each job they did for the day.[/I][/LEFT]
[LEFT][I] d. Invoice Pay - Needs a seperate section to handle this.[/I][/LEFT]
[LEFT][I] e. Moving an entire truck of jobs from day to day - This must be done for each job takes too much time. Should be able to click on it and move to another day via a calendar or something.[/I][/LEFT]
[LEFT][I] f. Statements - Needs one report to reflect everything open in a specific truck on a specific day. Shouldnt have to go into each job to see if they have a balance then go into the report to print that time period.[/I][/LEFT]
[LEFT][I] g. Pick List - You can’t add someone to the cancellation list without creating a specific job for them and you can’t create time blocks for trucks or specific employees when you dont want to start work until a certain time without creating a job. All of this affects revenue reports.[/I][/LEFT]
[LEFT][I] h. Schedule Screen - When looking at this you can’t decipher what goes where nothing lines up. Truck 1 first job is top line on the left, Truck 3 first job is 3 lines down in the middle of the screen. Makes booking jobs difficult. Each truck should line up by time to make scheduling easier and faster for the customer.[/I][/LEFT]
[LEFT][I] i. Sagequest - Doesn’t intergrate with CEO like it advertised it would. It was supposed to import all gps times into ceo for Liz to close out jobs and payroll purposes.[/I][/LEFT]
[LEFT][I] j. Data Manipulation is wrecking the database.[/I][/LEFT]
[LEFT][I] k. SHould be able to merge duplicate customers to save room and avoid confusion as well as classify them by specific dwellings or services. Example: Pull a report reflecting all customers who live in condos, or all customers who have awnings.[/I][/LEFT]
[LEFT][I] l. CEO runs so slow and lags. If it “times out” you lose time and all the info you were just working with.[/I][/LEFT]
[LEFT][I] m. Route reports - Don’t reflect all the info we used to have, prints in a page wrap form. There is no set cut off from page to page. You have to re-enter all info every time you want to print a truck. 8 trucks a day is quite time consuming when changing the dates and trucks each time you go into the report.[/I][/LEFT]
[LEFT][I] n. Revenue Report - Doesn’t work – Not accurate at all. If there is a credit to a customer you have to add a positive amount in there to reflect this which creates an adjustment and messes up the revenue as does all the unnecessary job and records we have to create to complete our daily tasks.[/I][/LEFT]

At this point I can no longer recommend this product to anyone.

[COLOR=Blue]AS my business grows I will be leaving CEO also. I’m quite disappointed with this lousy software and I only have three employees.

It’s working for now because we have adjusted our business model to adapt to the software, that will hinder our growth in the future at which point CEO gets flushed.

My most frustrating aspect is: [/COLOR]

b. Can’t get a phone list or export an email list without including “no contact” customers. Only Mailing lists are available which is very inconvenient when trying to contact customers internally.

[COLOR=Blue]Anyway, you hit the nail on the head, don’t buy this product until you have looked at every other option![/COLOR]

Yeah its ridiculous. I plan on bringing a laptop with wireless internet and CEO on it hooked up to our data base to sandiego. I want to show it to there people and see what they think about these problems… Ive talked to him in exhaustive lengths about this. He doesn’t seem to think its a problem. The tech support people always want you to upgrade to a new version and that always causes more harm than good.

We are in a real bind now because they lock up and encrypt there data so heavily… to prevent you from getting your data out. I have been looking for a comparable product for sometime now… unfortunately theres nothing I have found that will do the trick (yet)

I run a Linux operating system on my computer, and would love to find software for my business, if you know of any, let me know.

Man I feel for you. I used to know a guy who was a computer genius but I had to cut ties with him as he went a little nuts. He was great at taking software and reverse engineering it. The process would take him a couple of weeks, but once he was done it was great cause he would know everything about how the product worked. I don’t remember how this system managed it’s DB. Not sure if it runs off of MSSQL or MYSQL. Either way there should be a way to access it. Can you export your data to a txt file? It’s going to be hard to find something that would fit your needs 100%. I can’t stress enough that if it were me, I would hire a programmer. There are many freelance sites online that will put you in touch with some good ones. What I would recommened if you go that route, is find someone from the USA. Someone who can either met up with you or you can talk to on the phone. I would perfer someone who could come in the office and work side by side. This way things can change as you need them and there is no communication issues. I would put you in contact with the guy I knew but I really dont want to contact him every again. As smart as he is with programming, he just got to a point where I feared having him in my home. Very unstable person. I know I would have been able to beat his ass but he owns guns and I always had a vision of him knocking on my door and blowing my head off. So I would say, you don’t need to me to put him in contact with you. But if you need help in finding someone let me know.

OK found it on their site. They are using MSSQL. You should have no issues finding someone who can access the data directly from SQL. Not service ceo. Do you have access to the server? If you have access do you have admin rights on it and do you have admin rights to the DB? If you have those rights it wont matter if the stuff is encrypted or not. You can access the data directly in SQL and being you have the rights, it wont encrypt. Once your in, export the data. After that its a matter of importing it into a new product or having a product made for you that will allow you to read the data.

Chris heres a search I did on These people are all in the USA and most are in jersey. Look over their ratings and you should be able to find someone who is able to help. If it were me, I would look for the following requirements in skillsets. C++, DB design, web design. That should get you in the area of someone who can build you everything you need and then some.

Thanks Ray I appreciate your advise.

I found this the other day…

I am interested, just haven’t taken action…

One thing I like about it is you can access everything from any puter with an internet connection.

Cool program, but a little “spendy”. Plus if his servers go down, then what - even if you do backup often? I like more control of things regarding my business.

I have been using the Factor for almost a year now and it has never gone down except for once in a while up grade which he does in the middle of the night. He is always easy to reach either by E-mail or phone. This is a very simple easy to use program which they are constantly adding new features to.

The $40 a month is a little steep though.

have you guys looked at If you have a company of more than 8 trucks it may work very well. I think the software is expensive like ceo insight direct. Unlike CEO direct I’ve seen several service companies that have multiple trucks(40+) and are very happy with it. Making it work for window cleaners might be another issue.
I’ve used service ceo and have been fairly dissapointed. I only have 9 guys working for me and this thing takes up time, and I have some problems like what chris has had.

So glad this thread got bumped up, I never noticed it before. I have been debating between investing in CEO vs. Customer Factor. I think I’m gonna go with the factor, at least for the time being.

Hi Doug, go with the factor, ive been using it for 2 years now.

much better than any other software out there…

and Larry, no i do not have to tell you why, so don’t bother asking…

There’s really no such thing as better, though I’ve known for a while that you use and like factor.

Others may believe their non-factor software is better.

To each his/her own.

prove me wrong, it is the best software on the market right now…

Is it setup to handle a company like Chris’s that has 40-50+ window cleaners in busy season?

unfortunately it’s not on the market right now and hasn’t been for some time.
Coming back soon though. Hopefully it will be $20 a month like it was a few months back. I need a new database so badly.

yes it is, but it is meant for the smaller companies with like 3 or 5 crews…