So I started brewing beer last year, and have made ~50 gallons so far. I was wondering if anyone else on WCR brews their own beer? I must say, nothing is better then picking up a bottle of beer after a hard day and knowing that I made the tasty ale.

I am a beer snob, and have been dying to get into home brewing :slight_smile:

What styles are you playing around with? I’m partial to Belgian Ales and non-trditional brews.

I am really working Ales right now, trying to perfect a good pale ale, but I have fooled around with some belgium ales (I made one trip-Belgium that was so-so). The other beer that I am working on is a super hoppy IPA (a la Hop Stoopid by Lagunitas).

Glad to hear there are other beer snobs among us. You defiantly need to get into brewing, lots of fun. Check out , that is where I got started…but be careful…it is addictive.

I bought a Mr. Beer at a yard sale a couple of years ago for $2.00 and the beer mix for it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Does that count?

I just checked out that site. What kit did you start with?

I started out with a bastardized version of the Kegging kit as my Brother had a lot of odds and ends that I was able to use. I made my own HLT and Mash Tun from 15 gal Home Depot coolers and my own cooling coil from some soft copper tube. It can be expensive if you buy all the equipment new, but I found a bunch of good stuff on craigs list, and at local hardware stores…it is more fun to Mcgyver it although it can be more difficult to trouble shoot.

Ever try Hopocalypse? Talk about hoppy!

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. I usually get the 60 Minute though, since the 90 is around $12 a four pack.

Brewery Porn | Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales

Haven’t tried it yet, I will pick some up at bevmo and give it a try.

Man I need a beer…

This is the best thread EVER!

My neighbor brews his own beer.

I swear Ive never had a better beer and Ive tried a lot of expensive brew

Im gonna go over to his house…

Too bad I’m not in your area. I’d love to try a home brewed pale ale. They’re my favorite!

I’ve done a handful of different varieties. By far my favorite so far was a nice Dortmunder we made. It was AWESOME! We actually tried the Shiner dortmunder a little while back and realized how great it turned out when we brewed it ourselves.

No i dont brew, but ive been known to make a mean steak. Im taking my motor home to Iowa and I have my Weber in the bottom. I can kill the fatted calf if you bring the beer. Purely scientific testing only of course.:slight_smile:

Come on up to Iowa at the end of July and you’ll get to enjoy a networking event you won’t soon forget. We are adding speakers on topics you won’t want to miss! Right Chris?:wink: