Brochure...Constructive Criticism Welcome

I’m trying something new with this brochure, I’ve printed about 100 and will use these on cold calls for commercial instead of a brochure. Inside they will get a coupon/estimate for their storefront. I think presenting a brochure might give an advantage over every other joe-schmoe walking through the door and giving a business card. Let me know what you think. If it goes well I might have them done by a print shop once I get them dialed in.

I just took a quick peek so I do not have a lot of opinion yet. One thing you need to do is get rid of all those CAPITAL LETTERS. IT MAKES IT LOOK LIKE YOU ARE YELLING AND BECOMES HARDER TO READ.

know what I mean?

I hear ya. MAYBE I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH VOICE MODULATION! haha. It’s the font I chose, it’s bank gothic I think. I wanted something different and will look around for something better on the next printing.

You want to do Courier or Times Roman


Is the coupon offering any discount, or are you simply giving them an estimate?

I have been wanting to do this same thing for a long time for commercial accounts, espcially in conjunction with a cold/warm call and possibly “pop-In” visits.

Nice work!

The “coupon” is just so they have something they can present to me w/ the pricing on it. I will tell them that I am offering special pricing for the area and just make sure they show it to me so they are guaranteed the price I quoted them. I don’t usually keep track of estimates given when doing store front cold calls so this will be a good reminder. I’m looking forward to trying this at an outlet center near me that has over 70 stores. I’ll eventually be making one for residential as well but maybe with an actual coupon.