Bronze wool...and tempered fines?

Curious, would a bronze pad on WFP drag tempered glass fines like a scraper does?

Would you use steel wool or a white 3m pad on tempered and have the same concern? A scraper has a different hardness and often has rust, which is the killer.

I don’t use a white pad or steel wool so I wouldn’t know. With a scraper it’s easy to know if it has fines, but 3 stories up with a WFP you have no way of knowing.

There really is no way of knowing if you have glass fines or dust. It’s a manufacture defect. Always get a signed waiver when working with tempered glass. Residential Glass Waiver | Downloadables | Shop WCR –

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Sorry, still doesn’t answer my question.

Will a bronze pad drag fines and scratch the glass?

Never had it happen to us

It is possible.
Not as likely as with a razor or steel wool because
it is softer. Even those plastic scrapers can dislodge fabricating debris.
Mostly likely a hog hair brush will not do that but it also won’t get off stickers
and paint and stucco.

Ok thanks. I’ll probably just stick with a boar hair brush with known tempered glass then.

Fortunately we don’t have stickers and stucco here, just mainly caked on dirt and whatever dried from leftover rain water.

Would be how much pressure you put on any sort of pad as well??
How much solution as well??
Having a bit of thin cushioning under it, helps to be able to scrub lightly on the surfaces.