Bronze Wool discontinued?

I recently bought the technopad pad kit which has been great, I have now read the only manufacturer of bronze wool has stopped making it. Can anyone confirm this? Is there something else to put on the technopad instead?

Steel wool…walnut pads…white pads…


Where did you read bronze wool is discontinued? Several suppliers still list it on their sites.

I’ve seen it thrown out there in the facebook pages a few times. I haven’t seen it in stock in a while from the supplier I use. I wasn’t sure if there were other abrasives designed to be used with the technopad. I really enjoy using it as I find it is much more ergonomic than using a pad or steel wool in hand.

I just ordered and received a lot of the walnut pads and didn’t even consider using it on the technopad!!! I’ll get back to you on that soon.