Bronze Wool!?! Where did it go and Whats next?

Hello, I am trying to see how everyone is adapting in the wake of the bronze wool supply-chain failure. What has been your go-to (e.g. 0000 steel wool, walnut pad, white pad, etc.)? What has been the effect? Are there any kind words anyone would like to offer up in the wake of our favorite fallen fabric? Perhaps some photos of us with our now long-gone friend… bronze wool. I am also trying to tentatively see if bringing it back from the dead is a pointless endeavor or not. Thank you for your help!!!

#0000; white pad. Do miss the Bronze Wool pad that has been redefined as the rectangular bronze wool pad.
DON’T USE the extra fine pad that Marine Stores sell for glass!!

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I switched to white pads for most jobs.

I feel like #0000 steel wool has superior scrubbing power, but I don’t like the rusting.

Bronze wool was the perfect solution. I would pay well for some bronze wool pads again.

Long Live Bronze Wool.


Switched to steel wool , don’t like the rusting part . Just have to dispose of it fast


I have never liked bronze wool as much as steel wool anyway…


I got one or two, 200 bucks :wink: jk


Here this is Just as Good.
This Video Shows.
How You can Attach Scrubbing Pad Material.
To your old Squeegee Handles.
Giving You that Extra Scrubbing Power.
And Easy to Use.

Also here are some other ideas

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DON’T USE the extra fine pad that Marine Stores sell for glass!!

I learned the hard way about this and all the extra fine on Amazon is actually fine. One of my guys, Zach, caught it and we are using the walnut pads again.

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Walnut pads, white pads, scraper and not using an extra abrasive step.

Bronze wool was awesome, but there are plenty of alternatives that clean as well.

You may even notice that you’re adding an extra step by scrubbing with your mop and abrasive

Thanks for the info @Alex

Found this is by far better then any Steel/ Bronze Wool, White Scrubbing Pads.
We Use to do Heavy duty Scrubbing with Chemicals. MICROFIBRE CLOTH ATTACHED T- BAR FOR HEAVY DUTY SCRUBBING.
Better then Using Steel/ Bronze Wool, White Scrubbing Pads.
Easy to Hold in Hand for Those Heavy Duty Scrubbing Jobs.

Can still find them once in awhile. I found some and got stocked up for awhile. I cut these in half and attach them to a piece of wood to make a good handheld scrub pad like the j flint ones

Same here. 0000 Bronze Wool | Bronze Wool (3 Pack) | Detroit Sponge & Chamois Inc.

Its the Putin bronze wool shortage, they need the bronze to make the assault weapons in Ukraine-im not jokin