Brush bumpers for preventing damage

I like my wfp brushes from tucker - but I’d like them even more if I could put some protective brush side bumpers on the ends in case I twock paint off windows by accident.

I know Gardiner has some of these for a portion of their brush range, but I reckoned some of you have figured this out before with some DIY solution? There are a lot of different brush types after all.

Here is an example of the feature.

Any tips appreciated!

Heat treated/formed mastic tape?

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Maybe, I’ll ask 3M. Thanks.

You can always heat up some Mastic to form on the edge of your brush frame. Mastic is super cheap, so I imagine a roll would last you a quarter or half a year. You could also use Helitape if you have that available, not as bumper-ish as Mastic, but protective and easy to mold around edges.

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I’ll definitely try it out - because it bugs me when my brush flakes off pieces of paint from old wooden windows - you can have the correct technique but I still think the brush edges can bang some of it off by accident which is not really very cool.