Brush size

What size brush do you use most of the time. At work we only use a 12in brush but seems like a bigger one would make us faster.


R u talking about wfp brush or a strip washer.


bigger brush also = heavier but on big commercial panes it’s nicer to have a big brush.
most homes the windows are about 24inches wide so it’s all about what your trying to accomplish

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12 inch 90% of the time. Gardiner Super Lite 24 the rest.

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There is a guide Eric , at CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH to illustrate how and why to size a brush on a window.

It’s fascinating - we are really changing the way people think about window cleaning!

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I just order the 12" beast, with 320 ft rhino tube, tube runners and nose to glass. I will post pics when I get them.


You will love it for sure

Check the mobile Web-app at

We have a Facebook Forum, but Chris is thinking it’s a good idea to set up a CONSTRUCTOR Channel here as well for the non -FB folk.

The reason we want to isolate it is because there is a lot of learning going on as people try different Ideas - this would drive everyone crazy before they are genuinely interested, and some just want to buy the outcome and not get involved in the product exploration.

We are truly on the cusp of proving 50% FASTER - we just need a few more brave folk to bust some old thinking!

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[MENTION=378]Perry Tait[/MENTION] what is the address for the facebook forum for constructor brush

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