Bucket on a belt question!

I’m going to be trying the spray bottle! Although the bob seems like it’s the industry push, I’m looking for the “best” way in which to get the windows clean, and this sounds like it will be the way to do it :slight_smile: This forum is GREAT! Thanks everyone for all the feedback, if there is anything I can do for any of you, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Cheers!

I like giving the glass a couple squirts for a brief break while I am climbing the last few rungs of a ladder. With alot of windows nearby I give them all a good few sprays and it cools them off and gets you a little dwell time too. I spray a bit in the tracks as needed. You can fill the boab from the spray bottle now and then too.

Same here for the BOAB, I use a Pulex bucket in conjunction with a craftsman hammer holder to hold my spray bottle. I usually don’t put water in the bucket but rather just use it as a place to put my gear. I go back and rinse the t-bar in the main bucket as needed.

We have been using a spray bottle for 3 years now on residential jobs, I like it because I can always get the right amount of water on the window and my solution is always clean and no big bucket to lug around. It’s great when doing the insides of house I can really control the amount of water that goes on the window a lot less water to clean off the sills. We still use buckets for commercial jobs