So what is everyone using for business budgeting?

Quick books has a budget feature… but we still use a big spread sheet for the yearly budget… it just works easier for me that way.

If you do lay out a yearly budget how close did you come to sticking to it in 2008?

We don’t have much in the way of budgeting but in '07 we spent a ton of money on useless advertising. This year we determined what we would spend on advertising and stayed w/in $25 of the budget.

I use the customerfactor.com

We use Quickbooks and the Customer Factor but I like a spreadsheet for budgets. I really like to dissect percent of change from year to year and month to month. I have not been able to do this in QB or CF.

This is the first year tracking Clearly Windows as a dealership arrangement so 09 is first time we can run percent of change.

Well there is a site I just found called rudder.com. It logs into your checking account and lets you know all kind of good stuff. It keeps you on track. You tell it your bills and income and it will tell you how much money you have left over after all of your bills are paid.
I’ve been waitting for something like rudder for a long time.


I have 4 bank accounts at the same bank.

  1. sales tax
  2. income tax
  3. advertising
  4. business operating

Once I get a check and it clears. 7% transfers to sales tax. 10% to advertising, 30% to income. What’s left over, well I’ll find out about that this tax season as this is my 1st 12 month year in business. My advertising account funds is what I will use for my budget this year. If I go over it, then at least I will know by how much. I don’t plan on it but who knows. As far as keeping track I just use my bank statments and quickbooks.

That’s a nice approach Ray.

I really suck at the office part of the job … I’m The Procrastinator !!!

I don’t have a business plan, no idea how or why to budget … nothing, zero, but everything is going to improve after I finish to pay for this company and become 100% owner of it.

Will need to learn A LOT, but in the meantime I handle it the best I can with what I know.

Don’t forget that I’m new to business ownership and new in this country too, so it really affects you while you learn HOW to do business WHERE you are, is all new, and ain’t easy.