Building your own website: who do you use?

Hey all, I am new in the business and have just developed a website through Homestead. My site can be located at Got It Maid Cleaning Services Roanoke, Va 24019. Building this site through Homestead was rather painless, but it is a proprietary site and homestead charges $20 a month to host this (expensive). I was going to use BlueHost or Hostmonster , they run about $5-$6 a month but their templates require specialized programs that I don’t have. Soooo, I am looking for a cheaper site to build my webpage (ability to build 15 pages or more), Good Cleaning company Templates, and either host it cheaply with them, or if not proprietary, will have the option to host with another site like BlueHost. Thanks

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I built a site like that with blue voda and it was only about $10 a month for everything.

Hey Ralph you may want to take a look at our services:

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So far John Webb designed sites through WCR here have been getting stellar reviews! Please get in touch if we can help.

I can second this statement. John Webb is going to be a legend in the window cleaning web world!

Yeah. Hey built my site.

Super looking site. Looks like John Webb can really rock and roll with site development. I’m learning how to build sites on my own. I’ve built own using wordpress themes and tweeking it.

I decided on Ipage. and tried for several days to come up with a nice clean site using wordpress. but the theme I paid for is just way too complicated for me. I’ll hold on to it for a little bit until I get someone with more knowledge of it to help me.
so for now I threw this together in a few hours using Weebly site builder. it’s only a beta version lol
Welcome to the home of**Queen City Home Services - Home

it’s really generic and I’ll work on it more later, but I just wanted it up asap to accept credit card payments for the most part.

I’ve been reading that paypal thing doesn’t work with wordpress though.

what’s cool about Ipage you can use a FTP editor like coda or filezilla (free) to upload files into your site from your computer way easier than you can through some editors.

Thanks I will check them out.

Ralph Wiens
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I used The owner Shawn I worked with personally. i told him exactly what i wanted and he made it happen and was very affordable. This guy can setup your website plus boost SEO. If your really going to take your website design seriously get with a professional. Also I have heard this cool website ummm the name is i think has these services also. Check em out.

Khris Perkins
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If you ever need any help let me know. I love using Wordpress and I think if you were shown the ropes you would love it too.

I love FTP clients, they’re so much easier to use than logging in to your hosting account and transferring files that way. I don’t know what browser you use, but have you tried FireFTP? It’s built for Firefox. It’s my favorite.

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You definitely want a Wordpress site. They’re fantastic. Forget 15 pages think 1500 pages. Okay, that may be overdoing it a little, but you get the point. They can be used with any hosting plan (any hosting plan worth having anyways). And like Chris mentioned there are sites that can be used through WCR.

I downloaded wordpress yesterday, boy it looks complicated, but I also looked at some youtube videos to help set it up, so will play with it soon. I really prefer to have a profession site set up, and will do so soon, when I have it in my budget. I set this site up as a temporary site until then. I had to have some web presence since I advertise one on my business cards. Thanks everyone for the input.

yeah wordpress can make some seriously nice looking sites. I’m only having a problem figuring out how to modify the theme. it’s settings aren’t as intuitive as I thought they’d be. the standard free themes that I messed with are a bunch easier to modify. but they end up looking just like the one I made with weebly except weebly is way easier to use than wordpress.
the author of the theme I bought doesn’t seem interested in helping a newbie in detail. he assumes I know way more than I do and quit responding to my questions. which is why I gave him a neg review…that he removed. (roll eyes).

Until others help, check out this guys YouTube channel:

He’s got some great instructional videos for building your wordpress site. Some videos include everything from getting hosting to building the site, and others are item-specific, such as sidebars, etc. So you may want to browse the vids and see if any are appealing.

Can my customers pay online (Pay Pal) if i have a Word press site?

Yes. I have paypal on mine - and it’s a wordpress site.

I would really love some help building this wordpress site. I hear your the guru!


Just checked it out. And it looks good. Good Luck!

paypal works great with wordpress.