Burned out?

Any of you ever get burned out of window cleaning? What works to get you out of it?

It seems halfway through the year I get burned out, dont know if its due to employee issues or just the same thing another day deal. I think the downtime I have in the winter is helpful as it gives me a break that is needed.

I hear ya & know the feeling! Been at it for 30 years. What i’ve found helpful is attending the IWCA convention as well as other functions like the window cleaning network picnic & just staying plugged in & focused.

I also get alot of “re-charge” from what i’ve mentioned above as well as belonging to other associations & forums like this one. Taking a well deserved vacation is always a must!

What has also helped is having employee’s takes alot of the burden off of me and as far as im concerned good employee’s dont cost they pay;)

I agree.

Vacation(S) + Good workers + Family + Meaningful Pursuits aside from WC

YEAR -round though!

Lifestyle, not living for the weekends & winters.

EVERY ONE of us feels this sometime during the year (maybe multiple)

When I am feeling burnt, I actually AVOID anything window cleaning that I can. Including forums.

It sometimes helps me to focus on the purpose of me doing this business and not the business itself. I mean to focus on what it allows me to do and buy. Sometimes that arouses and recharges me enough to quell the storm.

I totally agree with Paneless.

Vacation really does the trick for me. There is nothing like a week away from everything where you can totally relax. No windows, no computer, no phone, just no contact.

Like this, Chris? Gotta love the hot weather when your cold and stressed in Toronto…


Although, I must admit, I did check my emails when I was there…