does anyone else feel like crawling into a hole [I]right now[/I], until about… i don’t know- april maybe?

i’m trying to fire myself up enough to get through the next 8 weeks or so of intense work before things taper off. spring and summer were so insane this year that my tank feels emptier than usual for the fall season.

i’ve experienced a stark reality over the last 18 months as my business has changed: mental fatigue is even more debilitating than physical fatigue.

what do you do to keep going when you feel close to tapped out?

Sounds like your ready to hire someone and share your work load

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take on a helper or you risk it all. its a little diffrent here in the UK with no let up in demand all year round. i well remember that awful burnout feeling, getting out of bed in the morning,the feeling of “to god ,help me get thru this big workload” ,testing your mettle .

if they dont employ at that point ,many here quit at that point, later in life they return to the squeegee ,having realized the mistake of quitting

working on marketing stuff all day wipes me out more than a non-stop 10 hour job cruisin to the music :smiley:

sounds like you need to disconnect and get outta Dodge for a few days . . .

or you are experiencing the “Sunday night blues before Monday” on a seasonal scale

Sorry to hear that.

I couldn’t believe the relief when I hired my first helper. Even though it’s trying to properly train them it really does pay off in those extremely busy times.

I’m still mostly a one man show but know that I need an extra hand during peak seasons.

Caleb as Bruce said disconnect for a few days, take the time to re connect to you and the family and friends.

the opening post was mostly tongue in cheek. i’m not going to jump guys, i promise!

I fluctuate between four and six employees at any given time, so it’s not a matter of “taking on a helper”. the challenge has been dealing with the juggling act of managing significant growth over a short period of time , training an almost entirely new staff, and learning how to implement new services, preparing for the future etc. all at the same time.

bruce said it, the mental game is what’s difficult to sustain at a high level every day. it’s a total grind trying to mentally keep all that straight and moving in a forward direction. i’ve just noticed that i’m having that "mid-December " feel in mid-October, which is a new one for me.

i posted because it seems like a lot of guys who are active here are having similar, epic runs with their businesses. I wondered what you guys are doing to keep steaming ahead and not hitting the wall, so to speak.

I feel like i’m going to explode, theres always that week of the month where they all decide to call the same week at once! When it rains it pours

Hey Caleb , I usually hit the outdoors. Took the family camping in July for 4 days . The best part was that my phone didn’t get reception. So I had to close shop for one week. It helped a lot , unfortunately we don’t have a winter here so If things keep going the way they are , I will probably feel the burnout again by December . Hope that helps bud

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I just take some time off just to relax the body and the mind… when i feel the need.

Usually if it’s a nice day I hit the beach (if it’s really sunny and hot) or just go beach walking (during colder months).

The weather pretty much dictates my work flow - sometimes i thank the lord for a heavy rainy day…haha (although currently I’m cursing him, cos it’s pretty much non stop the past week or so)

Yeah money and security is great… but so is taking some time to enjoy life… and to appreciate you actually have it pretty darn good compared to others around the world struggling to survive.

People that burn out of work, work to much its that simple, make your schedule so you dont burn out. Having weekend off and half days on friday save me from burn out so I look forward to work for the most part, I run my buisness it does not run me. Learn to say no, schedule time off during bussy periods to re charge. Scheduling time off is as important as getting work done stick to it.

We all get burned out from time to time. Always take some time off to unwind. If you can, try working part time. That has helped me a lot

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At 4:39 on October 17th, 2014…that’s EXACTLY how I feel.

I’m pretty fried out, in general.
To the point where rest isn’t helping.

Meaning, I’m not tired, just beat up.

Caleb, I think i can relate to your situation as well.
I don’t have a crew that size, but almost always feel like I’m spinning my wheels.
If I’m able to get one major thing under control or maybe a few great innovations or add-ons in a year I feel pretty good about that.
This fall/winter I’m going to complete my systems manual. The biggest thing for me is enforcing what I “insist on”. That’s usually my downfall.

Just think, in 2 months or less, you’ll be on the slopes!

8 more weeks.

Go hard or Go home

Caleb, Are you still running and getting a lot of your work off Groupon?

I’m a little burnt out right now too. I dont mind getting up and cleaning all day. But I cant bring myself to do any paperwork, I dont even feel like doing any billing. All I have to do is mail out a few invoices and I’ll get a few grand. But I dont want to. I just want to come home and play with my daughter till she goes to bed

never touched groupon. and never will. 70% of our new work is referral/relationship based. 25% is from our website. the remaining 5% is from other marketing efforts.

Interesting. I could have sworn at one time you were doing groupon