Burts Bees Wax

Although it is not a ‘tool’ it is the best stuff I have found for soothing hands once they get chapped from over exposure to water, soap, gunfire (Yes, I mean that) etc.

It does leave a residue (Just for you Merv) but it is not the greasy feel most ‘lotions’ leave. Rather, it works in and softens the skin.

for you colder climate kids; put some on in the morning and throughout the day. You will find your fingers and hands much more healthy.

One jar will last a few months. Unless of course you loose the jar. :slight_smile:

So weird… I just used some this morning…

I know.


yeah mang, I love dat stuff. used to put it on my hands when I would paint all day, kept them smooth

Do you guys ever get those little splits on the end of your fingers from drying out? Usually during the colder months. Man those suckers hurt!
C.O. Bigelow is a good one to use also. Its a soap free cleaner/moisturizer

ive found it great for the initial healing of a tattoo also!

I’ve found anything that treats babies for nappy rash is the best & quickest acting cream. Usually an antiseptic & very safe at the same time.

Bag Balm is great too, though I dislike the smell.

Bag balm is EXCELLENT!

I’ve used it for years and it is fairly inexpensive.

ahh yes … bag balm, great for a cows teets. I think it says something like that on the container, maybe not. haha

I hate those little splits in the end of your fingers too! If they are bad enough I use super glue to seal them up. Stings a little at first but it stays better than any bandage.

According to the cow, the maker of the balm or the one applying the balm to the teets?

Science proves it leaves a residue.

(Just for you Larry)

All of the above!:smiley:

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