Business and Marketing Chat Tonight

For those of you who don’t know, I host a chat that discusses sales and marketing. It is primarily attended by power washers right now but I wanted to invite any of you who are interested to come and participate.

It starts officially at 9 pm Central Standard Time but guys usually show up a little early to shoot the breeze.

Do me a favor- when you create your log in name (you just select a name and a password and it’s yours) just put a WCR in there just in case I don’t already know you.

Hey guys, these chats are often very informative. You don’t have to pressure wash to get/give good BUSINESS and MARKETING advice.

The chatroom features webcam capability and also file sharing to make it easier to convey a message or share a marketing piece that has worked or not.

We’ll be doing it again this Thursday, talking about Spring promotions- mailers, Home Shows, etc.

I’ll check out the next one.

Let me know a little earlier next time :smiley:

Yeah, I realize it was a last minute invite.
It’s better than no invitation at all, right?

Also, if anyone would like to host a chat just PM me. We have open days and customizable rooms. No cost.