Business card. thoughts?

Hey guys,

Please give your opinion on this card design and layout. Took so long to do having never done it and not sure what to look for haha.
There are two options for the back. I liked the trees but not sure how it will translate to card stock?

Thanks for taking a look and be brutal!

i’d just stick with the black and white one.
Thereis be too much going on for such a small space (biz card) in the color examples.
HOWEVER i don’t really get why you are showing light through woods or from a light bulb when you are talking about windows??
There is a disconnect there from what YOU mean and what a potential customer SEES!!

what he said ^^^^.

I like the third one as well. Clean, easy to read and it looks very professional. I don’t think business cards have to be too fancy. It’s kinda like vehicle wraps. People get all excited about putting a wrap on their vehicle. Sometimes the real idea you are trying to project gets clouded by all the background graphics. Too cluttered. Clean and easy to read is how I roll too.

Simple is always good but a black and white card screams ‘budget’. If they perceive that you went the ‘affordable’ route on your cards then they will assume that your price will dictate that.

Phil is right about a cluttered design but a simple, sexy and sleek card can tell the customer you are serious about your business and your product.

A well done black and white card gets attention.
I’d rather a black and white card screaming budget in ones pocket than a colored card like everyone else’s in the garbage.


Interesting. I think we could compete in the same market, both do well and probably never come across each other because we may be targeting a different clientele.

I like your ‘let there be light’ idea, but not your chosen imagery. Find a back ground picture that can induce more of rejuvenating emotional response.

Fix the imagery, add your name, phone number (Keep it at that…nothing else) and I think you’ll have something to be very proud of.

The third card doesn’t scream anything except that your serious enough to have a card. That’s a big step up from 'nothing, so don’t waste it. Print out a few hundred cause it may take you a few weeks to nail the Let there by Light design.

ohh…and whats up with that squeegee? Looks like some kind of trickit-wfp-ninja-on-a-stick-squeegee-thing. :wink:


We would be targeting the same market just different niches.

Yeah, black and white looks go to me

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I like the black and white- clean and simple. The images you chose honestly reminded me of some kind of religious initiative, with the, “Let there be light” slogan.

Black & white can be really nice if you get it printed with that raised ink and on a hefty card stock. Has a real “executive” feel to it.

business cards i try and keep simple/stupid. To me they are all about feel/texture of the card as opposed to whats on it. If im looking through all the business cards i collect through the week, the ones that “pop” are ether printed on really nice stock or have some type of texture.

That said, the one with the trees is a little too much. id go b/w or white with 1 color outline and black text.

For sure the Black and White one.

Pax hit the nail on the head, with the trees I’d be an Arborist. With the light bulb, an Electrican … focus on the subject. Go with the black white and list the services you give on the other side.

Dont forget about the paper quality. I like the UV protection and how the card feels in your hand.

Went with the black and white. Thanks for the input.

Good choice.