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I went into a local advertising shop yesterday. Got a lot of info for next years changes. He handed me this pretty neat business card. It has the look and size of a Joker card from a card of decks. Pretty unique, however, they messed up on the font. Very difficult to read. The picture makes it look pretty visible, but with the foil lettering, it is hard to see.

Don’t mess up making an amazing card like this that people will most likely toss if it’s hard to read.

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Ouch! My eyes hurt.

I take it this is the card for his shop? not a very effective way to “promote” his supposed marketing prowess…

His employee knew it, too. He had to write his email address down because it was too hard to see. Like I said, it’s even worse in person with the light reflecting off the foil lettering.

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Not very smart… And why a Joker card? Wouldn’t an Ace say success better? I wouldn’t take any advice from the guy that’s for sure :wink:

Jeremiah, Advantage Window Cleaning
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I met a Cutco knives salesman with a playing card on one side of his card. I remember thinking it was a cool different idea. I still have the card. Just saying.

I think your missing the point I was trying to make Phil. I think it’s a cool idea to do something different like that, but wouldn’t most people look at an Ace or King card to say “successful” verses a Joker? A Joker card just doesn’t do that to my mind… [MENTION=4853]phinkle[/MENTION]

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Simply put:

“Cool concept. Poor execution.”

Yep… its almost there

I too agree with your thought that the concept is good, but at the end they have missed in font selection.