Business for sale, worth it? is up for sale

does anyone know or heard of them?

The owner is asking $40k

Net annual is (claiming to be) 60k

years in biz 4

equipment: few ladders no WFPs systems

don’t have enough information to answer this. But do have many questions that if I was looking at this business I would be asking. What is Gross sales vs. Net sales. What service is bringing in the money. I notice that the website listed Janitorial, what % is that service, and do you currently offer Janitorial. If you don’t and don’t want to offer it, then that income will have to be subtracted out of the equation. Are you buying the customer list and will the customers stay with you. Is this guy willing to walk away and not start up another business similar that will take away the customer base.

another thing I would want to look at is his pricing, if he is a lowballer you may loose most of the customers bringing them up to your price. The customers are the most important, you want high-end clients, otherwise you are just buying a bunch of ladders.

The list can go on and on

If you are not paying 2.5 million for a window cleaning company then dont touch it.
You are buying a customer list.
That’s it.
You can build your own customer list for less.
Take $15,000 of that $40,000 and do a direct mail.
You will have a customer list that big in no time and save $25,000 to boot.
Good luck!!

re: Schnauzer , Pagliachi

some great points guys,

thank You

18k-20k is the worth.

Based solely on sales, basic equipment and a simple website. Everything is negotiable but 40k is way to high unless there is more to the package than we know about.

Also keep in mind the timing of the sale of this business. I see its in the GTA, since the spring rush is coming to an end, you would likely not see the majority of the work till next spring.

I agree that 40k is way to much for a 60k residential biz.

Run from that. 15k of smart marketing will return 60k. Also factor in you can count on losing 10% of the current clients in the transition.

$60k profit?

re: diamondridge
$60k profit?


Op will this add a lot of revenue to your existing business?

So is he doing 600k to net 60k? Or 80k, and not really paying himself, and calling it 60k net? Or somewhere in between?

re: BrainHSauls

I am new to the industry but not new to business, I just signup last month but been coming here for some time now and was always intrigued by how great this community comes together and helps with advice. I was on a lookout for any potential biz for sale and this one just showed up last week so my thought was why not ask the experts.

What is gross revenue?

Gross is $120k

I think You are 101% right

I think You are 101% right

So after paying himself and expenses the business turned 60k?

yes, it was said that he made $60k

also didn’t know the exact expense numbers and how many repeat customers in % there were between 2011-2012
I asked for a ‘non compete agreement’ and the initial answer was “NO’
So it just makes you wonder

Your right …….this one just doesn’t pass the smell test

Kind of leery of this. A brick and mortar business that has a steady stream of customers would be easier to sell.

What is your competition in the area? They get wind it sold and they all clamber to the area to try to pick up new customers - the ones you just thought that you bought! After all they are not loyal to you. Market your business for less than half of that and you will probably do quite well.