Business License in California

Hello everyone. I’m wondering if any of you can tell me if I am required by the State of California to obtain a business license. I have looked at the CSLB and window cleaning is not under any of the categories that are specified on the states website. I am working on an estimate and the company that is thinking of hiring me is asking for proof of license. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Scott, I don’t think the State really cares or even has a way of checking, but I believe the City you are working in want’s you to have a business license. So do the banks if you want to open a business account.

Yes you are supposed to have a business license. And yes there is a state contractors license that covers window cleaning but only on new construction, and its classified with cleaning up those sites where the windows get caked with all kinds of evil stuff that you want no part of.

So I’m in LA they don’t have a biz license per se. you get a tax certificate thru the city and then and a dba thru the county