Business Name/Branding?

How many business names and re-branding have you done over the life of your business and why?

Still using my original one, but thinking of switching from “Window Cleaning” to “Cleaning Services” or “Maintenance” when I add pressure washing to my services.

Rebranding: Does a revolving door of logo design count? I’m on my 3rd or 4th logo design but the latest is here to stay.

Renaming: Just yesterday I filed for a fictitious name, though it’s a small matter and my marketing materials will not be affected.

My corp name is Alpha Clean Sarasota LLC and I just filed for the fictitious name Alpha Clean. Seems another window cleaner in the same town has a similar DBA (Alpha Window Cleaning) but has been using the tag “Alpha Clean” on his marketing materials. Next step, pending confirmation from the state, is to give him a courtesy call and ask that he kindly step off my toes and use his own business name instead of mine.

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better hope he hasn’t already done the same!

I guess it does, it is part of branding… right! :slight_smile:

Right?! I already checked with the state though and I’m the first Alpha Clean. If he wasn’t so close it probably wouldn’t matter. But in the same city? You better believe I’m gonna put the block on him.

If you were the first “Alpha”, then put the hammer down!
Force him to change his name to Beta Window Cleaning. :stuck_out_tongue:


Three times in 7 years i like graphic design and always do it wintertime

Alfa alfa

You like taking liberties with the english language, don’t you, ‘reflekt’ with a ‘k’ :wink: jk

i think if you have your name in your business name its going to be hard for somebody to copy and get away with it. i called myself jonny windows as 1st biz name that came into my mind

some time ago i had an ex employee set up in business and he copied everything about me,even went around saying he was my bro-in-law . but never went so far as to use my name. he lasted about a year