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Currently, I do have a registered business license and a fictitious name that I have been using over the past couple of years. I made sure that when I got my license, that it covered me for everything in regards to cleaning, domestic, commercial, janitorial, windows, maintenance, just in ensure that I would not need to get a separate license. It has served me well in regards to being able to venture out and try new things.

Since I do want to focus on window cleaning, I would like to utilize my existing license and name, but to enhance it to focus on window cleaning. My current business name is “Extra Hand Services.” Any slogan ideas, to add to the name that will bring attention to the Window Cleaning?

I have a friend who is a marketing design guru who is willing to help design some things for me. I would like to give him some ideas to work with from you who are the pros!

Joie - N. CA

“you deserve a hand” “looks like you could use a hand” “Need a hand?” "hands across America!"
I’m sure you thought of some of these

“we have the right hands for the job”

Maybe “Our hands clean windows”.

Can you do a D/B/A, like:

Extra Hand Sevices
DBA: “Joie’s Window Washing” ?

Not sure on the laws of that, probably varies from state to state, but I’ve seen it done.

Extra Hand Squeegee Services.

Have three hands ona squeegee as a logo.

or three hands, one with sqeegee, one with mop and one with a scrim

Or two hands…and ONE hand that resembles an angels hand pointing to a spot

Or holding a phon to your ear, or wiping your brow

you get the idea.

the name will work fine if your ‘logo’ captures the WC’ing part.

just dont try to sell it to CVS :smiley:

Extra Hand Window Cleaning - “Old School Workmanship, New School Technology”

Your window cleaning is in good hands with us.
Let us handle your window cleaning
Need a hand with your window cleaning?

I might use that in some marketing pieces and my website if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Extra Hand Services for your windows.
Extra Hand Services for your floors.
Extra Hand Services for your carpets…

Have at it. A friend of mine here locally uses it, he does heating/ac work. I like it also but already have mine in place.

Wow, there are many very good ideas here for names and logos! Your suggestions have helped get my brain gears moving, thank you!

Joie - N. CA