Business name

I have been trying to figure out a name for my business. It has been hard for me to come up with a catchy but good name. Here are a few, please tell me what you guys think.

IRM’s Window Cleaning (this is my daughters intials IRM)
See Klear Window Cleaning
Tony’s or Tony Meade’s Window Cleaning
C-Klear Window Cleaning

thanks for you input gys and gals!!


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Personally I like C-Klear, sounds pretty catchy to me.

IRM means nothing to anyone besides you.

Why mess up the spelling of the word c(K)lear? How does this benefit your business identity?

Out of all of your suggestions, ‘Meade’s Window Cleaning’ works the best. Most people will assume Meade’s is the family name.

I chose Clear View Window Washing and regret it because at least two other guys are cleaning windows in my town with that name. I wish I went with my own name. Meade’s Window Cleaning sounds great to me unless you have a lot of Meades in your town.

Meades for me too. The others- not so much. Sounds good.

Meade’s Window Cleaning for me too.
if youre looking for a gimmicky name to stand out from competitors i came up with a list of names i wish i had named my business here were my top two;
Best View Window Cleaning
Brightside Window Cleaning

I would do like a brainstorming web, start writing words that remind you of window cleaning or have something to do with windows clear sight and find synonyms to these words, then you end up with tons of somewhat related words you can choose from

If you have a good reputation in town, as in people know who you are and think highly of you, then I think using your full name first and last might give you a good start. A form of Branding.

i think paul mcquillan’s head is going to explode… with more talk of how to brand your business haha… i think he will completely disagree with you

Research available domain names first, lots of people pick a name, get a DBA and all that stuff to find out later that there no domain name available to suit their business name.


Using our personal name is not good and unless the entire city
knows the man personally- no benefit.

I would put a little more effort than a few half-assed names. Take
a few days to figure something out. It’s pretty important

Chris did pretty well with All County Window Cleaning. Kinda
boring but it says it all…

I would pick a name that conveys the right message you want to get across to your customer. I picked my name out of sentiment. My father just passed away and I wanted to honor him. Although sounds caring and all after a few years I wished I had went with something more encompassing.

Since then I have created two other window cleaning companies with names that will eventually over take my existing one.

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I have always regretted not naming my business after this city. Someone else has done it since, and it allows them to co-opt an existing brand.

If I had chosen Gainesville Window Cleaning, I would have been the default service to many people, and a permanent fixture in search engines for all time.

If your city’s or county’s name is taken, choose the mascot of the local university or something else with wide notoriety.

Consider the growth of your business too. I chose Big Sky Window Cleaning so that I (by business name) would only be limited to (in theory) Montana. If I’d chosen Dillon Window Cleaning I’d (in theory) be stuck in Dillon, my town of 4,000 :frowning:

I personally like the offshoot names like Meadow Lark, Alpine, Red Oak, or something like that that you can find related to your life or the lives of your target customers. Fish Window Cleaning and Window Monkeys are already taken and they’ve done very well.

Ensure also (like I did to my good pleasure) that the name is not already registered with your Secretary of State. This was easily accomplished in Montana by a simple phone call.

Yes, take your time. It took me about 2 weeks to figure one out. I finally saw it on a cargo trailer while I was out running - Big Sky Log Homes. Bing! there was the name of my window cleaning business!

Consider this also. I prefer to refer to myself as a window cleaner not a window washer. We could wash windows and they could still be unclean. I clean windows so that they are “clean”. Splitting hairs I know but important to me.

Also, if you build your business and ever consider selling it it would be an easier sale if you have a local or offshoot name so that Mr. buyer doesn’t have to remove, for example, your family name from invoices, advertising, yellowpages, trailer, signs etc. A possible lengthy and expensive process.

Think BIG because it may happen. Will I ever leave the bounds of much outside of Dillon? Probably not. But I’m prepared with a business name that can. And a buyer would also be unlimited.

I also like this.

If I was competing with you in the area, I would very seriously consider having “” to see how it goes…