Business proposal

hello everyone. tuning in to ask you guys/gals for help… one of the areas im lacking in knowledge is how to write a business proposal and a professional looking estimate…I’ve searched around on the internet with no luck in the past and I know these are important things for me to know but have been putting it off and now i’m on the spot…today I stopped in a new restaraunt being built in my area and pretty sure I got the gig…and they are gonna be building more in the areas of my route work and i’m trying to get them all…problem is the guy initially said he needs me to fax him over an estimate or something…and I replied you mean like a business proposal could some…he said yea. So…I dont know how to do either and i need to learn quick…does anyone know where I could find out how online…and also should I fax the estimate or proposal…we already disscussed the price and all was good with that…and do I send proof of insurance or anything else with either of these things? I dont want to scare these people off by looking inexperienced…could someone tell me the steps they take in this situation…I would apreciate it sooooo much

Most if not all software packages come with proposal templates. Customer Factor, ShineSC… I bet WCRA has that stuff included in their membership. Their may even be some examples of estimates and proposals here in the free area. Where’s Larry when ya need him to link to this stuff!..but check here first!

Bid sheet lots of stuff in the business download area

Do you have a smart phone? I have printed bid sheets with my logo and I also use “invoice to go” app with my Droid if I can email the estimate. Works awesome! You can also send a statement.

hey thanx for the replies…no I dont have a smart phone…or even a computer yet…i’ve been barley making the bils for a while now and couldnt afford one…stop at the library pretty often to use theirs…anyways I do have a pack of proposals I bought at staples I just basically dont know what to write on it…i’m thinking it would be a summary of the agreement between me and the customer but not sure if thats all or if theres more to it…thats what I did before and I never heard back from the people so not sure if I was on track or made myself look like a fool