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One family started a business not too long ago, and began gaining some customers in their local town. The Father having been in the industry for over 20 years knew how to price and taught his kids and wife to service in that industry.
The cutomers loved them, they couldn’t wait to see them every time they serviced them. and they made shock waves in the industry. The other service providers took notice also. They began to keep an eye on them. Whispers from townfolk were circulating, bad news, and of the sort began to make it’s rounds about this family. None of them were true of course, but their reputation was being tarnished. By whom this family at the time did not know, but someone was the culprit.
One service provider began to watch them closely, they would sit from afar with binoculars, looking for mistakes where they could find them. For a year and a half they watched them, pondering what their next move was. The family’s bussiness was gaining reputation, and more of their customers were taking notice of this family inspite of the rumors. They had lower prices, and they had good quality. This family was going off of the old school way of doing things including the pricing, and the customers were getting a taste of “the good ole days”. Their customers loved them and they loved their customers. The bussiness began to grow. Their areas grew and so did their customer relationships.
Then one day one of the service providers approached them about some work in another town in trade for their accounts locally. The family said no, they loved the area and their customers too much to trade for them.
Then “the face of the company” a salesman, approached them after reading an ad they posted for new customers. He would sell them his accounts and they could start anew with a bigger business. The idea intrigued them. they bought the accounts from the salesman and began to solicit that area. The customers were up in an UPROAR! The Family had to calm them down by telling them they werent part of the group before them. The family made a promise to the customers that they would keep their prices and would stay in the area for a period of time. The customers were happy!
Then “rumors” and stories began to circulate among all the service providers of that area. The competitors began to hate this family. They began to call them “lowballers” they said they trashed the industry with their low prices. But you must realize is this Family bought the accounts from a salesman of a leading company. That salesman set the prices of that area, and the family promised to keep those prices as long as they could in order to keep the customers.
The Family confronted the salesman and fellow service providers of that area, saying those rumors are not right, they are not true! They laughed them off. The family is still in the industry of their profession, and they are still keeping those prices set by the leading service providers of their area. Now my question is this. Is this family in the wrong? Are they lowballers since the prices set in that area was set by the former service providers? And how could this family deal with the competitors tactics?Opinions and advice welcomed!

Is this your business?

Either that or a really elaborate hypothetical situation

People will say what they will but low balls it’s not there fault (from what I gathered near the end) but sadly times are changing and to be honest we all need to change things ( I know this do to my area.) the way I do business is old school and that’s where things are moving local people local services money staying local. There’s nothing any of us can do about how other people do business look at them and what they do but do it better

The competitors are not going to like them if they are doing well no matter what they do,
so what does it matter if they call them “lowballers” or not. If they are happy with what they are doing
that is what matters. The question is whether it is wrong to be successful or not.

Agreed. The more time you spend worrying about what your competitors think of you, the less time you spend bettering your own business.

I could care less what my competition thinks of me. There’s probably a few that would like to punch me for successfully invading their turf.
Haters gonna hate, nothing you can do about it.

Haters gonna hate u just gotta regulate. Sorry a rapping urge came over me

The Above story is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I was called a low- baller all the time last year. In reality There is not low ballers every one has there own overhead so prices can change.

and isn’t a lowballer someone who intentionally tries to steal it away from another person, by undercutting them? You can’t do much about them saying that, but again, what can you do? The Salesman in question actually goes around in different areas getting and selling accounts to differrent service providers, and then like he did to this family, he turned around and put the blame on them because they are now maintaining the service. All the while, he was the one that got the account, he set the prices and then sold the accounts to a service provider. What could you call this kind of guy?

I temporarily moved this thread while weighing the potential it has for creating a feud here on the forum. You see I know both parties involved here and w/ only one side being represented right now (I’m sure at some point that could change) I am concerned that it can become a huge argument where no one wins. I apologize Sam for possibly overreacting and just ask that we keep the discussion businesslike and polite.

Like one guy said everybody’s over head is different so every price is different it happens in every kind of business I do windows for living but also am a mechanic on side others around here charge 65-80 per hour im 50 per hour cuz I don’t have over head nobody IMO is a low ballet just need to make less cash to survive

After giving this whole situation some thought about what happened to my father and myself, I realize that it is futile to get a “FAIR SHAKE” here in this forum. As we are supposed to be all friendly and here to help each other, this simply HAS NOT been the case! MY father and I DO NOT believe that one opinion or “network” should be the only opinion allowed and an independent opinion is treated in these groups(like an independent bussiness)It IS NOT ALLOWED! So we stand on a different side than the monitors, moderators and administrators here on this forum. There is no use argueing here with a thousand members against a couple of members. So we will go ahead and make the group happy and leave this group to the rumor mills(so please remove my profile) and so i will leave with a short question :“Where is the Freedom of speech in this forum?” Thank you! -Sam

Your skin is very thin. I don’t recall anyone attacking you, but your attitude will surely draw the wolves. It’s Tony’s job to keep the peace. Your post isn’t the first and won’t be the last to be deleted/ moved.

Alot of posts have been deleted before you saw the remaining posts.

That’s a shame that you are ready to leave so quickly Sam. It really did appear that you were just trying to build up a case against a competitor(s). Your family may well have some valid gripes, but as Tony intimated, you will need to be prepared for “the other side” to speak. If you stay cool, you will grow from this.
A wise man once said “[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#0000CD][I]The one first in his legal case is righteous; his fellow comes in and certainly searches him through[/I][/COLOR]”[/FONT][/FONT][/SIZE]

Sam - I wouldn’t upset about what Tony said. Like Justin said he is in charge of keeping the peace.
With that said, I would tell you and your father to stop worrying about your competitors and provide a better service for a premium price. Grow your business, stay profitable, above board and crush everyone around you by giving your clients a top notch service each and everyday. Everyone else can screw. Keep your head up and your fist cocked, you’ll be fine.

Already have been doing that with our bussiness all along. Lowball prices are a lie. Thank you for your advise! Take Care! - Sam

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Im leaving the group. Take care everyone!