Buyer beware!

So I signed up for Doug’s (Legend of Doug) SEO crash course thinking at least I can get my money back, right?

His guarantee states that if you don’t get on page one of Google within 6months he will refund your money.

[B][U]I was on page one for 3 different keywords in my market in 6 hours![/U][/B]

#1 and #2 spots for “Edmond Window Cleaning”. (Our most affluent neighborhood here in the OKC metro.)

So… if your like that dude that tried to scam Paul. Don’t sign up for this course.

I am so freakin’ happy right now!

So here’s the bad part. I have never been proud of my site. So I got a new hosting account and figured I would start doing this SEO stuff, then when it starts to work, my site will be done.


So… My site sucks. But I have the best organic listing out there.

I haven’t even implemented the second part of lesson 1 in this course.

Make sure your site is ready for public parusing before you sign up with Doug.


By the way… if you want to check out my less than average site and give a little feedback…

My old site is…


Priceless endorsement! :wink:

Doug is being very cautious using 6 months. The problem is it’s dependent on the competition for your keywords and how well they are entrenched.

Most will see results immediately, maybe not page one but defiantly working its way there.

p.s. I like the old site better

glad to hear about your success and effectiveness of Doug’s materials.

I’m glad you’re not crying for your money back. Doug’s a good guy!

Actually he’s a legend who can hacky sack on the moon!

excuse me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I do too.

Just thought it was too cheesy…

In a couple of months I might break loose of the pursestrings and higher someone that knows what they are doing.

Like RentACoder or something.

Awesome! Thanks Louie. I’m glad its working for you!

[I]bread a sweat! [/I]


Your right Doug is great! and your site needs more cowbell. LOL


Idea :stuck_out_tongue:
go and look up web designers in your area, see the ones you like, quote window cleaning on their house or business, and offer them a trade. Here is your price, here is my price to clean your windows, even trade, just time.

Why the hell didn’t I think of that?

Thanks dude.
If that’s your “New Site”, your in BIG trouble!

Hate to tell you, but neither one of them exist

I think Louie the Cleaning Guy might have moved on from us because we are sticklers for doing things professionally. Could be wrong.

Ah Dan, didn’t see the date on the original post. Must’ve been before my tenure at WCR