Buying a Craigslist Pressure Washer (link included)

Hey y’all,
After renting a few different pressure washers over the last couple of weeks as I’ve quietly added the service to my business, I’m looking to buy one.

A lot of pressure washers get put on Craigslist in the Lowcountry this time of year… the landscapers and HVAC guys who tried to add it on over the summer are deciding maybe it isn’t the best investment for them.

I’m looking at this one - 13 HP Honda Pressure Washer 4000psi
I will probably go check it out Sunday afternoon.

  1. Thoughts on what I should be looking for as I try it out?

  2. Is this a machine you wouldn’t recommend?

  3. Should I not try to buy used, and just bite the bullet and buy new?

Thanks in advance!

Sure looks like it has more than 5 hours of use on it. But if the engine is in good shape and it has a good pump on it it’s worth a look. Show up with $400 cash and see if they take it.

I wouldn’t go over 4 bills for it.

just a suggestion. Check in with a couple of small engine repair shops in your area. A lot of times people drop off pw’s for service and don’t bother to pick them up for one reason or another, so the owner will sell the machines for just the cost of the repair. We have picked up several really good machines this way.

Def looks like over 5 hours to me too. Ooo… and great suggestion about the small engine repair shops! Have to check into that!

Thad… is “4 bills” Mississippi slang for 400 bucks? lol Know how gangsta y’all are down there… just wanted to make sure…


Good to see you here! For professionals, that is, if you plan to make a profit from pw, I don’t think a direct drive is ever a bargain, whatever the price. I don’t believe I’d give $100 for it. For cold water machines, you can expect to pay 800 to 1200 for a good used 4@3500 belt-drive, or 1500 to 2000 for a new one, and they’ll outlast any direct-drive many times over. Spend more on a belt drive and save a lot in the long run.

I’d also recommend standardizing right when you’re starting out once you decide to buy. For examples, all of ours are Hondas, either gx390’s or 610’s, with general 1511, 4040, or 2021 pumps. that way when you have more than one, you don’t need to stock nearly as many parts, and you can buy in bulk which stretches your savings. I just bought a dozen recoils and a dozen unloaders, for instance, all the same model for a great price. Even our hotboxes are standardized, and I was able to get four identical Beckett burners at an amazing price to keep until needed.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe there’s anybody worthwhile in our area for pw suppliers, I’ve tried ‘em all over the years - but if you like, I’ll turn you on to my supplier, who I happen to think is the best in the industry for pw. I can share either privately, or with Chris’ permission, publicly.

Hope this helps, feel free to call!

Mr. Brian,
Great to see you as well. Been planning to call you to ask you a couple of questions for like 3 months! Always something else going on, it seems like. So I’ll just get that info from you sometime next week when I give you a ring. Thanks for your ALL of your insights and advice.

Not a bad deal. Hes right the hose would cost about 300 bones news. $400 would be a great deal. $500 is still good. Looks like its got more than 5 hours on it though

Looking 2800 or 3000 with hondamotor with ironsleves.