By far the oddest method I have ever used to gain a customer; but it worked :)

I was driving home from work the other day, winding my way through narrow country roads, when I saw two cows running along the road. I pulled over, got out of the car, which seemed to panic the cows, and they bolted through a hedge, back into the field they had escaped from. In hindsight that was probably quite unwise decision to get out of the car. I wonder if my insurance would have covered that; trampled by cows. But anyway, I knocked on the door of the farmhouse. No answer. So I decided to leave a friendly note, saying your cows escaped, now a massive hole in your hedge, may want to sort it out before the whole herd escapes. Then i thought, might as well write the note on the back of one of my headed invoices, on the off chance that he needs a window cleaner. Got a phone call yesterday: “thanks for the note, my window cleaner stopped coming a few months ago, can you come and do my windows for me”. I’m going on monday :smiley: whats more, he tells me his last window cleaner used to do the whole village, so I could be onto load of customers thanks to those lovely cows! :slight_smile:

Go find more runaway cows :smiley:

Burgers…tasty AND good for business.

I like it.

Now that’s funny. Tell them you will clean their windows for free if you can shave your business name and # on the side of the entire herd lol.

LOL I love that! :smiley: