Calcuim build up

Hi Bill
I have been ask about cleaning calcuin on a high rise building.
I am not propaired to purchace a tool for the cleaning of one panell.
Do you recommend any product.

I would try A1 or Safe Restore
Window Cleaning Supplies

If it’s just buildup then I’d go with one of the products mentioned. If it has started to etch the glass I’d go with cerium oxide or get a scratch removal kit.

I would use a hard water stain remover paste there are many different ones in the store with a buffing wheel this always works for me.

You can start easy with something like bioclean and progress to safe restore, CC550, don’t for get to use protection. Also first test the windows.

Thank you gentelmen for your response thats the good thing about this web page the fed back.
I am at this point concidering the purchase of the scratch removel kit. There might be a market for me down here as I havent seen any one doing this type of work.
As a abseiling company the dificult thing is using the power with the leads all over the place.
Plus the added danger working on a single rope. I do use a rope protecter but its still not good at 15 stories high. I feel the cost of the equipment is a bit pricey. Thanks Ottra:)

I see you are located in Australia, so I wanted to give you the contact information for our dealer in Australia who can get you set up with a GlassRenu Scratch Removal System. Their telephone number is +61 1300 763 335 or you can e-mail Phyllis at They can help you out and get you all set up.