California shut down what are you doing?

Californians, any business related aspect, what will you be doing until 4/19? (if it’s lifted by then)

everything you never got to research, solve, fix or learn?

working anyway until police escort you home?

polishing your aluminum ladders to a mirror shine?

cleaning out file cabinets?

quickly starting an essential business?


My wife has a big honey do list , cleaning out the garage probably next week .

Work on website next week for sure

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We’re still working. We’re under the critical infrastructure sector, so we’re exempt.


@mshramek, I was wondering, since we clean things. I hope SC will think the same if there is a lockdown here. Glad to hear you can work!

One of my hobbies is electronics. You know, Arduino stuff like that. I tore apart this back massage thing because its got some strong motors in it and some cool gears I plan to make a lift for the monitors on my desk so when I walk in the room the monitors rise out of the desk and when I leave the room it retracts back down.

Made some furniture modifications, supercharged my electric flyswatter (put a stun gun in the handle, this thing will fry bugs so quick they catch on fire!), made a small tesla coil, added another camera to my home system but still trying to work the facial recognition and body gestures crap on this…I think its kinda early stages cuz its not very good at all.

Keeping up with my studies, and trying to keep sane.


I’m a loser. whoa! you’ve got some skills.

With youtube you can do ANYTHING! I’ve fixed my truck at least 3 times now!


We are shutdown in NJ too. We have some work on the schedule, but the vast majority is rescheduled until May or later.

I spent the entire winter creating and perfecting systems in hopes of coming out of the box with the pedal to the medal in 2020. It was working until about 3 weeks ago.

One thing I noticed is that I am used to being proactive, not reactive. Its just the way I am wired. These past few weeks have thrown me into a spiral of reactivity. Luckily for me, there doesn’t seem to be much left to “react” to.

Its a waiting game now, so I took two days off to get my head straight, and now I am going to redo my forecasting and numbers to be proactive going into the rest of the season


Still able to work in CO, since building cleaning and maintenance is “critical” business. We are expecting a reduction, though. Fun stuff planned with WFP and trailer work, along with home projects that can get done while the time is available.

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Still working, not a lot of cancellations but the phone has slowed significantly. Researching electrostatic disinfection, building a landing page, ordered 5000 eddm postcards, new signage, uniforms, chemicals etc. Going to run a Google Ads campaign, door hanging, and Mailchimp campaign to promote the service. I know a lot would deride me for not staying put, but a $1200 stimulus will not support a wife, four kids, a dog, truck payment, and a mortgage for too long.


I think we all want to see a video of this thing in action. :rofl:


Amen brother. I’ve got the same household, just add 2 more dogs.
Stay safe, positive and faithful.


You too man.

30 day extension to 4/30 now what are your plans?

what if extended another 30 days beyond that?

of course plans could change from day to the next depending on circumstances

Bruce you and I both know how this may turn out so my plan is same as yours. Just taking it one day at a time and keeping my ears to the ground.

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At this point the plan is to survive. Hoard cash and get all the free government money I can get my hands on. California is already talking about extending until the end of June. I don’t know if there’s any amount of free money that will keep me in business that long, but it’s the only thing to do at this point. California added another week onto the shut down. May 7th is now the target.

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