Call To Action or Great One Liner for Postcard/Flyer/Door Hangers

Hello All, now that fall is approaching the Illinois area, I was going to try some postcard/flyers and target businesses to drum up some business. Does anyone have a good window cleaning “one-liner” or “call to action”? Something funny or catchy to grab the storefront or commercial customer’s attention. I know Mike Radzick from this forum used “First Impressions Are Everything” and I really like that, but I wanted to see what you guys had. I searched this topic and there was something 6 years ago, but it didn’t go anywhere and they really didn’t answer the guy’s question or come up with anything good. Thanks in advance!

our storefront card says “our business is helping your business make a great first impression”

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That’s awesome! It’s a good spin on the first impressions quote

Mine is “Clearly the Right Choice”

Thanks! That’s good. And your company name is awesome and super original

(Their Business Name) will be good for our image… (Your Business Name) will be good for yours.