Call to action

I am trading ad space (1/4 and 1/2 page) for my services for two local magazines that come out monthly.

One magazine’s market is,

Well-educated, affluent and professional women
The majority ages 30–55+
Half single; half married; majority with children
Knowledgeable, discerning consumers of goods and services

The other magazine’s market is,

97% are female
60% are between the ages of 30 and 39
56% have incomes over $100,000
90% have a college degree
43% have a masters or other
post-graduate degree
68% work outside the home
80% own their home
82% own a computer

Their designer is going to come up with the ad based on my input.

[SIZE=“5”][B]Any suggestions for a “call to action”?[/B][/SIZE]


Nothing really comes to mind. I think that you could focus your call to action on the fact that they seem to all be well educated and how smart they’ll be for investing in themselves (personal property).

Maybe focus on the fact that they don’t have time to look for someone else, and that you can provide an all-in-one service (WC’ing, PW’ing, gutters, etc)

These types seem like the smooth, Jazzy-types that like books. Angle your ad to project a high sense of self worth and seek to serve them.

A tip about women in general, is lack of time. If you are a single professional woman, if you are a working woman with children, regardless of status, the one thing that we all lack is time. Be it because of work, or be it because there needs to be more time for play, we all need more hours in the day and less stress.

Joie - N. CA

The call to action is usually the specific action you wish them to perform once they’ve been manipulated by your marketing machine.

[I]“Call NOW for your free estimate”

“Email [email protected] right now”[/I]

These are “calls to action” - is that what you meant? You’re looking for suggestions on what specific action they should perform?

I bet Seth is looking for a specific call to action that will strike a nerve with this potential clientle…

Kevin used the email "[email protected]"…

Now that would be a good call to action… a gift certificate to a well known spa for these professional stressed out women once they get their windows clean!

I bet Kevin had that planned though.

(Sure did miss you today at the IWCA convention Kevin. Would have been great to meet you there.)

hmm, yeah I too am unsure what type of CTA Seth is searching for.

If you are truly looking for a “call now”, just say that. Nothing fancy or coded.

Your headline and offer are the key.

I always put my # [I]and[/I] email on ads. It is amazing how many people prefer to email.

I just may start adding:

[B]Text Me Now For a FREE Quote[/B]


Yeah, I’m not sure what I mean either. On recent mailers I’ve been offering, “call now for blah, blah if you schedule before X date”. I think it’s the fact that it’s a magazine ad that’s throwing me off and it will be running for several months. I’ve never advertised in a magazine.

I guess I’ll just stick to,“Contact us now at [I]email and phone number[/I] to schedule a free no obligation estimate”.

Thanks everyone.

PS- I have been noticing that communicating by email is getting more and more popular, and I have been adding my email addy to all my ads since early last year.

True, Micah…

Next year…

Me, too

This is a great idea, for real


Kinda funny, after I read what I posted I thought it was a good idea too. I have already started to implement it to see how it goes.

Thanks Seth!

On my website I use "To Start Saving Time Call Now"
Joie pointed out that the women reading the ad would respond to saving time.

Dang Tony! where were you last week with that one?

I had only one day to put together my ad for the next issue. I can tweak it next month.

I simply said, Please contact us now for a FREE estimate.

Sorry Seth, Atlanta beckoned!

I’m curious as to when this will become acceptable. So many people text all the time now, I really do think this is a great idea… but it still (imho) seems just a bit unprofessional (and this is from an avid texter) and maybe a little impersonal

Having said that, texting is so effortless and discreet give it a few more years and I bet it will be just as popular in ads as email.