Can all glass sealants be applied this way?

I just watched a video on youtube of Jeff flint showing how to apply envicoat sealant using a foam applicator, which is a lot faster than using a microfiber cloth. My question is can this method be used for all glass sealants, such as nanoultra, which is my choice of glass sealant? Also, while we’re on the subject of sealants, which sealants does everyone recommend?

I can not get to mine right now as I am shifting things around in office. I saw vids of people applying to applicators, to the scrubbers etc. The one I use says to rub it in, also says you can use a squeegee, so I rub it on, squeegee it on, then polish it in. I also normally do at least two applications like that.

Yes you use it that way, But I think, can easily repair small or minor leaks in a glass aquarium.

I’m interested in glass sealants as well. Anyone else have recommendations on which one they use or think is better and why?

This is my opinion, others may disagree:
Depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want the glass to be hydrophilic, for wfp maintenance, then use Nano Ultra. However, if you want it to be hydrophobic, shower doors, etc., use Envicoat.