Can somebody help me design a res flyer


can somebody please help me design a flyer for RES work.
i live in a very remote area of the west of IRELAND ,

have not got photo shop or any of those so i need real help.
the area i want to cover is 37 miles by 40 miles so it has to catch them as soon as they read it,
looking forward to any help offered.



Daniel, Theres an Irish based forum at the link below that might be helpful to you , there quite a few posts on flyers, Not that the folks on here would be any less helpful, but there is enough difference in the 2 markets , that what may work in one may not work in another

I own a window cleaning business in British Columbia, I happen to have 7 years experience with Photo shop and have done advertisements for my own window cleaning company, although I can’t do it for free because its very time consuming for me. Please e-mail me and and we can discuss this in more detail.
I attached some of my adds, and one of an add I did for another business also (Car detailing)

[email protected]

Photoshop is not needed for residential fliers. Just use Word or a similar program.

Remember to have a reason to call you on the flier… a good one.

First, an attention-grabbing headline, not your company name.
Present a problem, offer a solution.
Company name, phone number.
Finally, a call to action- why they should call you NOW.

Daniel, did you ever get a flier put together?