Can someone expalin

I have a smaller DI tank (not sure the exact size nor what to measure) but it is a little smaller than say a SCUBA tank.

I use this little one because it will fit nice under my camper shell. Currently, I pay $50 +Tax= $53 for a regen and get about 400 gallons.

I carry two tanks on the truck…so when one blows, i can swap.

I see I may have several options for DI including but not limited to RO in front.

The idea is to lower my cost per gallon without having to go to RO just yet.

I am open to suggestions but am curious about YOUR resins and how that might be a better choice over-all.


Do two tanks in series lower cost per gallon?

To expand on what Larry said, If you run 2 di cylinders in series, the first one will be taking the water down to 0 ppm, when the TDS starts to rise the second one will bring the TDS down to 0ppm, If you install an in-line tds meter between tanks 1 and 2 , when the reading is equal to the tds from the tap, and tank 1 is spent, Move tank 2 to tank 1s position and start with new resin in the other tank, repeat as necessary

Pat’s right this is the best way to maximizes your DI with out going to RO

buy the Merlin ro machine, it is only $500.00

Dang good idea!

Talk with Shawn and Jason Klovansky regarding the Merlin’s usage and limitations.

if your tds is 500 or below the Merlin R/O machine will be perfect for you…

This is coming from an experienced wfp user


Shawn and Jason are experienced Merlin users.

Pardon my ignorance. Whats a Merlin?

Anthony its a little RO Set up.

Anthony, here is the Merlin


That looks pretty cool. I am wary of RO because of how much water is wasted. our city water is around 260 PPM and we use the larger DI tanks from Ionics(1 tank per truck). Of my 3 crew leaders, only 1 of them uses DI everyday. I have read that more than 50% of the water is wasted. Please let me know if I’m wrong.

Well over 50% of the water is wasted with a Merlin.

There are other systems on the market that produce far less waste water per gallon of water produced.

With the Reach Higher Ground line of RO/DI 12v systems you can dial down the waste water to almost nothing if you choose to do so.

Does that eat up the DI faster Shawn?

Wouldn’t the strain be on the membrane? (parden the pun)

Yes, the strain is on the membrane at that point. But ‘Reach’ system owners are flushing those units often enough to not effect the overall life of the membrane.

If say, your TDS stayed around less than 100, would RO or DI make the most sense? Currently I use DI, and I like it, but as I start using the WFP more next year, I wonder if RO would be cheaper?

The problem I see with waste water is that we’re in a severe drought. I think many would frown on wasted water. Maybe I’m better off sticking with DI.

The money you shell out for an RO will be hard to make up if your tds is less then 100. You need to see how much money you spend on DI per year and then see how long it will take to make that money back using RO throwing in a little money for up keep on the RO and see were stand.

Isn’t a Merlin more like 2gal waste to 1gal product? ouch!!!