Can someone hold the ladder?

Not sure why I found this funny. I’m sick I guess.

Caution: this video contains blood.

// Safety Ad - YouTube

// Guy falls off ladder on TV - so FUNNY - YouTube

The first one is just nasty but Oh so true. I wonder how many times ER personnel hear the excuse “it was an accident”?
The second one is one of my favorites. I love it when the gal says - “those floors get slippery”.:eek: He was still on the ladder lady!:rolleyes:

There are a whole set of these (canadian) videos to promote safety. The latest ones aren’t so bad.

Here’s the latest one airing in Canada.


Seen here first!


Awesome acting.

I thought, at first, the girl had really fallen. Well, what I mean is…I thought she fell and was NOT acting like she fell. Of course she fell, that was not acting…but she was acting like she fell on purpose. Awesome acting.
Wait…she did fall…and was acting like she fell. Right? Did she fall or not.

The guy turning into water…cool trick. How did they do that?

I think you’ve fallen for this girl. :wink: