Can this be fixed

Not a good day. I was cleaning this window an pop. Never in 18 years have I broke a window. Other things yes . I saw a wimdow guy fixing my neighbors double hung that they broke so I’m assuming yes.

Well it just cost me 245.00. What are Ya going to do. Just got off the phone with a glass company. At least it can be fixed and I didn’t have to replace the whole window. .

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Yikes! Sorry. How did it happen?

You have cleaned windows for 18 years and never broken one before now?

Sorry to hear that. What happened?

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cultivate a relationship with a glass company. I have worked with a family owned business that has been in Tallahassee since the 1960’s for about 5 years now. I carry their cards with me. I send my fogged, broken seal customers to them and they give my cards to new customers they install windows for. It works out for both of us

Basement windows left them for last , because I wfp all the uppers an just figured I would trad the basement windows . two sliders, an the one I broke . The one I broke was a double pane insulated unit. It wasn’t single pane. So like a dummy I had my belt off no scraper if I had my scraper it wouldn’t of happened. I wouldn’t of had to apply the extra pressure to get what was on there off. I was scrubbing with the but end to get something off it didn’t break at that moment , go to wet the whole glass in a little more pressure nothing crazy, an pop. My heart sank I was like wtf this didn’t just happen .

The embarrassment of having to tell her . She was cool though. The first words out my mouth I broke your Window but I will fix it. She felt bad , an new I felt bad.

I told her to just hold on to the check till the window gets fixed. She was going to pay me. Screw that I wouldn’t of if it were me.
The glass people called her just a little while ago, so I guess that’s good.

Good idea bumblebee … I’m going to go down there in person , an pay them get cards , an give them my cards. Talk to the owner smooze a little see if he has some hot buttons… Ya know Met ,Jet ,islander ,Knick fan . even if he is opposite I can play off of it. :).

No man I never broke a window before . Scraped tint a few times. I’m not counting the door on the storefront . Who puts tint on a door. Broke neon signs … Did a few of those. Broke a floor vent with my step stool. Screens. Flower pot. Maybe something else can’t remember , but never a window.

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Why have you broke one like that before ?

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Dang Man thats a hard One. Breaks do happen. One time I was in an attornys office on top of a desk trying to remove an old storm and dropped it. Smash… All over the ground. It was because the top window wouldn’t stay in place and I was using my head to hold it open. Well, there’s using your head, and there’s using your head, this year I stuck a pencil in the window to hold it up til I got the storms out. What can I say, accidents happen. It sucks when they happen to you… She’ll get over it…

Eighteen years is a nice streak.
Look at the bright side… yer good 'till 2033.

When you do it long enough, it happens, eventually…
[B][I][U]“you broke your cherry.”[/U][/I][/B] :slight_smile:

Them the breaks. It was bound to happen sooner or latter. But it sounds like the lady was understanding and that’s the really important part.

You just totally reminded me of Dr. Bamba: “I’ve never seen a man explode from the inside: a rabbit, an eel, a goat, a monkey, and a reindeer. But that’s all.”

Dont feel bad. a couple weeks ago, i had an office desk i was kneeling on collapse out from under me. the whole staff came running to see if i was ok. felt like a jerk. but it passed…

…and then ten minutes later, like an idiot, i tried to move a stool with a stack of file folders and a LAPTOP sitting on top of it and the laptop slid off. CRASH onto the floor. battery blew out of it, even the CD drive blew out (haha, put that thing back together so fast before anyone came go check out the noise- i felt like a marine assembling his rifle with the drill sergeant breathing down his neck) . The whole staff came running again to see if i was ok. Again, felt like a jerk.

but hey, at least it didn’t cost me any money! …oh, sorry. that was probably a little insensitive…:wink:

Pick up a pack of wood shims from a hardware store they are perfect for holding up top sashes on wooden windows with broken sash cords.

This space for rent!

I love how young Tommy pronounces it, “Hendry”.

This space for rent!

Look around and find the old timers. The company I deal with has been around since the '60s, and they have a parts inventory that is fantastic. They are the guys I go to when I need an old or rare part. They have bins in the back room where they have been throwing left over parts from installs for decades. They are the guys who I can send a pic to while out on a job and they know what I need and where to order from.

Do your best to find a local, family owned, company. Remember, if we local guys don’t stick together, the giant chain outfits will put us all out of business

Might be handy to keep shims in the truck just for that reason…

I might get some of these made up just in case.

Haaa!!! Good stuff .

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We’re good, but when it comes to miracles trust Merlin.

That window is a very easy fix $245 seems a bit high to me but what do I know… I only did glazing for 18 years.

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