Can you believe this?!?!

I was looking through craigslist, just seeing who posts window cleaning adds there, and this is what I found.
Look at the picture, by the guys feet. Is that… could it be… it is! Windex! I can’t believe he would leave that in the picture!

Is that an Unger Hammer?

This guy is also a painter. Nice business combo. He can get paint splattered all over the windows then clean them. :smiley:

He appears to do construction and probably does window cleaning as well. You can see a hammer and a workbelt (not a window cleaning belt) plus the fact hes using scaffoling.

and a neon green squeegee (not a slayer, right?)

The Slayer will undoubtedly come in black and hot pink!:wink:

Obviously a poser. Someone just threw the tool belt and supplies together and said “smile for the camera.”

Wow Mark! I haven’t seen anyone use the word poser in a long while. I like it. Takes me back! :slight_smile:

Could be a picture snagged off the internet from somewhere.

back to 1987 with you and that Twisted Sister shirt?

No doubt Chris will call me out if I don’t get the pink one like he did to me with the WCR shirt…

More likely a Quite Riot shirt Paul!:slight_smile:

Slick black Cadillac… ahh, those were the days

cant stop laughing!!

Maybe he has a added on service checking for loose nails on siding.:):slight_smile:
25¢ per nail head could add up.

I am only joking!!

OMG Paul I have 4 of their albums and saw them open for Iron Maiden. I remember My dad was so much happier when he heard me listening to Maiden after Dee Snider and the boys/girls? LOL

Don’t get me started!

Quiet Riot - Metal Health
WASP - I Wanna Be Somebody
RATT - Round And Round
MOTLEY CRUE - Shout At The Devil
IRON MAIDEN - Run To The Hills
JUDAS PRIEST - You’ve Got Another Thing Comin
OZZY - Bark At The Moon
Van Halen - Panama

Ahh BV, Its funny that my 20 year old workers call the 80’s “The Cock Rock Era” (Spandex and stuffing those socks in the crotch). I call it the “David Lee Rothian Era”:smiley:

Those windows aren’t even wet, right ?

This makes it even better!:smiley:

I found this on