Can you cut us a deal?

I had a guy call me the other day for a bid on window cleaning. It was all good until he started talking about the guy across the street and how I could CUT A DEAL if they both got their windows cleaned.

I am just going to take my normal rate per window, increase it by 20% and give him a phone estimate.

I will be covered then by the 20% and he can take it or leave it.

Now thats a deal.

Hmm, if I knew I could do both jobs in the same day, I would’ve given him a cut- probably just 5% or so- but sometimes thats all thats needed for someone to feel like they’re “getting a deal”

do it. if someone wants a deal and you feel your prices are honest. increase them by 20% when you give them your bid to give them some room to come down.

What is it lately with the open dishonesty?

Hell yes I would give a deal (a real one) if I got
two for the price of one.

It costs money to get customers, what’s the dif
if we pay it in a ‘deal’ or in advertising?

It’s almost like some of us are offended someone
offers us another customer…

I agree 100% with Paul, both on the dishonesty point and on the cost to get customers point.
I mean we offer deals in out advertising we send out, so much off if you sign up by this date, or free gutter cleaning with window service, or something like that. Why not offer him a deal that you already offered in your ads that you sent out before.

or just tell him no, that’s the best I can do, I don’t deal.

Paul hit the nail on the head

I do this often. I usually give $20 off of each house. I don’t have any windshield time; my customers sell the jobs for me because they get their neighbors to sign up and I can usually complete the jobs in about 75% of the time I would normally would had I loaded back up and drove across town to the second job. Bottom line is the money I make from doing neighbors is usually double the discount and everyone is happy.

Its called “buying power” and the guy had every right to ask for a discount. You also are overlooking the fact you now have two jobs in the same neighborhood which can make it easier to pick up the other neighbors. Raising everyday prices is not a discount, it’s a lie!

There’s two sides to that particular situation, it is frustrating sometimes getting “discounters” because people don’t walk into Walmart or their Doctors office and say, “Hey I brought a friend, you should give me 10 percent off,”. “Buying Power” would suggest this homeowner has power of attorney and his neighbor has no choice but to have his windows cleaned if dictated by his neighbor. He might have some good sway in the decision, but probably doesn’t have the final say.

I give a lot of discounts, but if someone is pressuring me then its no deal, as stated, the Doc doesn’t cut his rates for quality service.

That other side, I fully support discounting a sure thing, as in both of those homes are scheduled for that same day, not my neighbor will call you next week type of stuff. Because it does save window time loading and unloading ladders, and I would explain it to the customer as the stipulation on giving that discount.

Raising prices only to discount it would be some BAD business Karma!

Just let him know you make $600/hr

It’s one thing when a customer says " Eh…give me a good price and I can get you a lot more work around this neighborhood…" (Heard that one a million times)
But when they say " Ya, my neighbor was thinking about getting his windows cleaned too, can we get a package deal?" You bet you can. This happened to me today, one job turned into three resi jobs, and a construction cleanup. Only give a deal when you know you’ve got the package.

I actually DO ask for a discount whenever I am buying in bulk. Like if I am getting some new shirts, if I am getting 20 of them I ask if I can get a discount. Even though where I go it is actually ALREADY marked down because its an outlet store, sometimes they say yes, sometimes they say no. I buy them either way. It don’t hurt to ask. They were selling the shirts I wanted for 12 bucks a peice, marked down from 50. I bought 20 at 9 a peice.

I would love it if I could get two houses right next to each other. I wouldn’t have to drive anywhere and I could knock em out pretty quick. Give them the discount and ask if you can put a yard sign on both of their lawns for 2 weeks. Take 50 bucks off the price and BAM you got 2 customers you can use as a reference when trying to get the rest of the street! Go for it man. I would do it in a New York minute.

Honest price + 20% increase “to give them some room” = A BIG FAT LIE

More often than not, it’s not really buying power due the additional “promised” work doesn’t materialize.

Hey, Marc! Howyadoin?

What you have to watch is not to do one neighbour cheaper then the other in case they talk. I’ve lost jobs because I couldn’t give a deal like that. I’m always asking neighbours if they want their windows cleaned. Even if I’m at the top of a ladder and I see them next door “want your windows cleaned?” that’s why I like working weekends and even evenings with window cleaning.

You can offer him and the neighbor 20% off. Heres how you run with that DEAL. Lets say both jobs cost $250.00 each. That’s $200 now with the 20%. But heres the catch. In order to get that deal they must book this year and next year. And next year’s job must be paid 25% in advance. So this years job would be $250 each and next year would be $150 each. Gets you scheduled for next year already. windows have already been 1st time cleaned so next year should not be a major job. And if you are rolling with employees at $10 to $15 per hour, you still make money because in most cases they can/should be able to bang out a 3rd job for the day if the houses are those prices. If your smart you will market that hood if you get the gigs cause then your employees or yourself will have little to no drive time for the third home if you land on in that hood.

If not then offer a 10% standard.

Marc, you just made me do something I do not do a lot on forums…

Laugh out loud. Thanks, I needed that.

Hey Larry! Doing OK out here on the East Coast. How are you holding up on the West Side?

Hot and busy and OK.

That’s pretty brilliant, might be a hard sell for next year, but would work excellent for a spring/fall combo. See all of you “open dishonesty” guys, there are legitimate ways to make money!

And Tory, I guess that makes you a “discounter”, but I’ll still cut you a deal:D