Can you stop a poll?


You don’t have to view them if you don’t like polls.
Let’s keep it positive and fun here.

true that.

That IS true, don’t like it … skip it !
And I like you Phil, if that matters.

Define fun.

Think of a cross between Chuck E Cheese and a cruise ship!;):smiley:

Oh. Then “let’s keep it fun”.

(when does that fun start?)

0900 on the Lido deck!:smiley:

I thought it was on the poop deck?

If that’s the case Phil will have to explain an upper decker to you!:wink:

I know what it is. sad thing is that I have done it once or twice. Me and my buddy jack daniels used to be really good friends. Sometimes jim beam and capt. morgan tagged along too.

All things in moderation

Including moderation.

Yeah, but how do you Judo chop a guy in the neck w/ moderation, Phil?:wink:

Judo slap

Limit it to one a day?