Can you train to be this fast?

[COLOR=Blue]First off for those of you have been around a while, is this speed something that can be taught to and achieved by the “average” employee? 2. can a person work consistently all day at that speed or is this guy just showing off for the camera?

// cleaner - YouTube

Hes showing off for sure. Have you ever tried to work like that? I can do one or two stores in a row like that but its exhausting as hell. I have seen that video before and very cool to watch. I don’t know that you can teach someone to do all those moves, it just comes on your own. I taught myself to work like that. I got the idea and moves from watching people at the IWCA speed contests and youtube videos.

on another note. showing off a little bit is always fun.

Yeah - it would take a while, but I think a motivated worker could learn that, as many on here have. I have never personally taught anyone to move that fast.

What I find amusing is that most of these guys that like going fast end up with poor workmanship. Check out the major mistakes on the second guys glass (the smaller square ones)

Those “speed competitions” are similarly silly. HUGE mistakes only cost half seconds at a time, and winners usually have very poor results, quality-wise, but they do it so fast that the quality penalties don’t matter.

[INDENT]Find a guy who is [B][I]fast and perfect [/I][/B]and you have a genuinely skilled worker. Without the perfect, it’s all silliness, and slows him down huge, touching up many errors.[/INDENT]

As far as the “can you work that hard a long time?” - an athletic-kind-of-guy can usually maintain a hectic pace for extended periods. Especially route work with small amounts of driving between clients…

I don’t think he would always move that fast.

Like Kevin said the second guy made mistakes and left marks on the glass.

The other thing is, I think the first guy could have cleaned almost as fast working at a more relaxed pace, if he used larger squeegees. It seemed like the squeegee he was using was fairly small.

As mikep said, that video is cool, but very highly unpractical in real life. I believe there are a few guys here that could clean that pane of glass twice as fast, but it wouldn’t look as cool, but the glass would be cleaner.

At least he tried to detail afterwards!!!LOL.

I concur. it looks cool as ever, but just try cleaning a wendys like that.
No way can you get away with such little scrubbing. And these competition
guys already have clean glass to start.

I agree about squeegee size. Starting out I did everything with a 14" squeegee. Still one of my favorites. But the smarter way to wthe videos, you can cover glass effectively and pretty fast.

If you practice with larger tools you can move just as fast as these guys.
I would like to see a showdown.