Canadian Economy

I agree and have done the same as well. Can not do a $10 job anyways, it cost you $8 in gas just to get there!

And then they try to get you to do something extra for nothing or next to nothing.

Yes, but I do offer to do some things sometimes for free, as an incentive with positive customers, I will try with negative customers, once or twice and watch what happens with them, to see if I drop them or if they change.

I think,
You are on track, you take all the info, read listen and think. You are considerate, thoughtful and helpful, quick to listen and quick to help. You follow the advice of Paneless, Crazy, MikeP, Alex/Chris and will progress and grow very fast.

This can only be good news for other professional window cleaners in the GTA and surrounding area, good reps, make for excellent business partners and examples. If all window cleaners in your area, have good reps, it is easier to do business. I believe you are an up and comer, with lots to offer and the sky is the limit for you. Congratulations and take the next big step forward :slight_smile: