Can't decide EZ Pure vs IPC HydroTube

I can’t make up my mind. I like them both for being portable, light and cheaper. Someone help me. My operation is mostly residential with some bigger commerical. Nothing over 3 stories though.

Which one is cheaper in the long run with replacment filters?
Which ones more durable?
Does ever systems filters last longer?

Any pro or con of either system would be apperciated.

I would like to see a comparison as well.

What are the tds readings where you work (high and low)?

200-300 for the majority of the area.

The EZ Pure is cheaper to run and use than the others.

EZ Pure Carbon filter - 4x21" of filter media - capable of removing chlorine from approximately 30,000 gallons of water (change every 6 months)
EZ Pure DI filter - 4x21" of filter media - on average is lasting customers 4 months or more.

The competition has stated that the carbon and DI will be changed every 2,000 gallons.

Its EZ math.

At those readings I would probably go w/ the EZ Pure. At the suggested replacement rates for the HydroTube you will get at best 67 hours (the higher the TDS the lower this number will be) of run time before replacement. At the replacement rate that others are getting from the EZ you would have replaced the HydroTube filters at least 4 times (if you use the system 12.5 hrs a week).

Dont u need a pump along with the EZ Pure?

If you need a pump w/ the EZ Pure you’d need one w/ the HydroTube as well. They both need about 40PSI on the low end to operate well.

You wont need a pump for the EZ Pure in most cases… The sales of the EZ Pure have been doing very well here at WCR, and we are happy to be carrying it.

Available here of course:

Ettore Aqua Clean EZ Pure
Ettore AquaClean

the EZ pure filters may last four times longer but they’re three times more expensive so the savings in money isn’t huge however there is the PITA factor of changing filters more often with a HydroTube.

Well I ordered the EZ Pure yesterday. Can’t wait for it to show up. Thx everyone for posting.

BTW it was the change filters less often that sold me. My guys will be using it mostly so it’ll ease my worries about it and them on the job site.

Hey Colm,

You were at the EZ Pure demo in CA a week or so ago. Not sure if you saw the demo or not, but in that setting the EZ Pure was actually running 2 poles at 30’ without a pump.

Non-powered RO systems are dependent greatly on the inlet water pressure from the building/house. If you are on a low water pressure source it may need a pump, but generally you shouldn’t.

Thank you for your order. I saw it ship yesterday. Enjoy it!

I haven’t used the other one and only been using the EZ pure for a couple weeks. So I don’t have anything to compare it with. But I know one thing, I love my EZ pure and gardiner wfp. The first job (My house) i didn’t have enough pressure so I bought a pump. Dummy me, figured out it wasn’t the pressure I wasn’t getting, it was the pressure I was losing with the cheap garden fittings. I had a company that specializes in hose make me the correct brass fittings and hose, added that white looking tape, sealed all leaks and now I have enough pressure. I’ll keep the pump in case I ever need it, like all the other stuff in my garage (Anyone want to buy $400 backpack leaf blower :slight_smile: - I’ll give you a screaming deal. nah man, I’m going to keep it, I may need it sometime)

I also made a mistake of buying 200 feet of 3/8 air hose. It now sits in the garage with all my other failed ideas. I replaced it with 1/4 polyster braiding. The 1/4 is so much easier to handle than the 3/8. I don’t have a hose reel yet.

I hate to hijack the thread but what kind of height is everyone getting out of the EZ pure/Hydrotubes without the booster pumps? i.e. will it have sufficient pressure at 60foot? (assuming normal tap pressure)


Thanks for sharing your experiences. I appreciate it!

RHG makes waterfed EZ!

How did things work out? I`m still juggling the choice as well. Any feedback would be much appreciated!!

I have an EZ pure dolly system, and it’s great! I’ve used it on 5 huge jobs already with no problems. Shawn is great and will take care of any problems you run in to.

I bought a hydrotube just over a year ago and use it almost every day, mostly residential and no problems with 3 stories, HOWEVER, I wish I would have bought the EZ simply because of Shawn’s support and involvement in the WCR community. Next time!

Two questions. 1. Have you used it straight ‘as is’ or did you add the pump? 2. Have you needed to get support from IPC over any issues?