Good evening to all,

I was wondering what are some effective canvassing scripts or pitch that have worked in the past for you guys? Also, have any of you attempted doing a one year plan for customers on windows?


are you looking to canvass residential or storefront? there have been a lot of threads on the subject, a search should yield some interesting posts. What do you mean by a “one year plan”?

Are you talking about a 1 year contract to clean their window X amount of times or doing a contract for 1 time a year? WCRA member get a bunch of business forms and one of those is a script for phone calling that you might look into. I have never used a script. I just jot down a few key points I want to mention during a phone call and wing it. It gets easier the more you do. I wrote a very short script of sorts for calling my old clients to schedule my appointments in the spring. My wife used it to call for me. She was unsure what to say. She’s an old pro now.

Canvassing can be tricky because it’s illegal in so many towns, mine included. But I have gotten away with it if I was already doing a job in that neighborhood. It goes like this:

“Hello. I’m Don the window cleaner, and I just did Mrs. Newsome’s house, and I wondered if you’d like an estimate while I am here. It only take a few minutes, and I can just leave it on the door if you like.” They usually say yes. IF so, I try not to just leave it. I’d rather see them, and if there is any excuse to get them back to the door (Hey, I noticed there are trees growing in your gutters.), I give them the price. If they respond positively at all, I suggest a date to do it. Take initiative!

Good luck!

With store front it’s pretty easy… Just roll in ask to speak with the decision maker hand them a card with a price for service on it and give yourself a little introduction.

Thanks everyone!