Car Dealership advice

I am about to start doing 2 car dealerships with over 100 windows a piece. I am going to do one as a post construction clean up so I expect to go through a lot of strip washers in a day. Is there a way to wash your strip washers mid job after they get caked with grit and grime? Will just hosing them off get them clean enough to keep going?
I have 3 Strip Washers. Do you think this will get me through 225+ windows on a dealership that is done once a month?
10 Microfiber pads for the unger indoor cleaning system (I use these to go back and catch the streaks on the outside with invisible glass spray)
I am about to get a Fixi-Clamp and use those blue rags to help me clean ledges and frames since the windows get fairly high and I only want to use a pole and no ladder.

Any advice on how not to screw this up? I have always done mostly easy to reach small businesses. I dont have the money yet for a wfp. What kind of advice can you give me that will save me much grief?